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Item# 62566256 B.E.A.M Wrist Band
by BEAMBEAM $13.48 (retail $19.95)$19.95 Discontinued Wishlist
B.E.A.M Wrist Band

The Beam Band is a new technology that gives you strength, balance, and energy that you have to experience to believe. Imagine a radio station that is not tuned to the right frequency- even if it is one point off it will not sound clear. When the radio is on the right frequency it sounds perfect…full, clear, and crisp. Proton Alignment Resonance Technology (P.A.R.T.®) works in a similar way, by allowing all of your cells to “resonate” on the same frequency at once. This cellular communication is instant and dramatic and your body just works better.

Everything in nature has a frequency. Our body even resonates with a frequency, the same frequency as the earth.

100 years ago no one would have needed a product to help their body to be restored to its natural frequency, but with the introduction of radio waves, cell phone waves, TV waves, microwaves, power lines...etc., all of these electromagnetic waves have the ability to pass through each of us day by day...while they are all amazing inventions, they resonate or have a different frequency than our bodies do, and exposure can knock our body out of its normal frequency. We introduce to you B.E.A.M.™ Products that can help.

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