Get the Sleep You Need Tonight

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Sleep is such a natural part of life that sometimes we may forget how important it is. That is, until we cannot fall asleep anymore. Everyone struggles with occasional sleepless, but what happens when you are left tossing and turning night after night?

The answer is that every aspect of your life starts to suffer. You feel rundown, tired and have no stamina when it comes to everyday activities. Your mind suffers because your cognitive function is reduced and you have problems at work or school.

When sleeplessness starts to interfere with you life there are steps that you can take to get you back into the natural rhythm of life. Stress is a major cause of insomnia, so many of the steps to resolve insomnia involve reducing stress the stress in your life. The effect is cyclical because better sleep can also help reduce stress even further.

Your mattress is a great place to start when you are looking to improve your sleep. A comfortable mattress that cradles your body properly will go along way to reducing pain and giving you a great night’s sleep. Sleep is a haven for our bodies and minds and your bedroom should be a sanctuary.

The most important thing is to keep it clean and dusted so that you can breathe easily at night. You should also avoid having a television or other appliances that produce distracting noise. Another good rule of thumb is to never work on your laptop in bed. Your bed should be used for sleeping and for intimacy with your partner and nothing else. This will ensure that your brain switches over to rest mode when you lie down for the night; or for a relaxing afternoon nap.

A relaxing bedroom and a comfortable mattress are not enough. People need to engage in a range of healthy habits in order to facilitate the kind of healthy, balanced lifestyle essential for good restorative sleep. It is crucial to follow a healthy diet and exercise daily. You need 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day to strengthen your heart and relieve stress. This can be broken down into three 10 minute sessions if you do not have time for the full 30 minute block in your day.

Supplements also play a vital role in healthy sleep. As hard as we may work at it, we just cannot get all of the nutrients we need everyday. The base to your supplement regimen should be a good multi-vitamin to promote overall good health. Other great supplements for enhancing sleep are melatonin, valerian, calcium, magnesium, l-tryptophan and 5-HTP. The right supplement can make all the difference in the world not just in your sleep, but in how you feel everyday.

You also need balance. Life cannot be all about seriousness and work. Take time everyday for relaxing activities that you enjoy. Make sure that you are having a little fun everyday and that you are getting in a good belly laugh. All of these healthy activities combined will help you get a more rejuvenating night of sleep so that you can have better, more productive days.


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