Give Your Mind a Nutritious Boost at The LifeMadeGreat Site

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This website was created as a space for inspiration, giving and learning. As the author of the LifeMadeGreat blog it is my means of sharing with others and helping people to make some sense of what can be a confusing world. The purpose of this site is to enable others to grow and find fulfilment in life.

It is a personal development site, but it is not for quick fixes and ultimate tips. Everybody is at different stages in their life, with different issues and needs. Sometimes I feel that if we don’t get to the bottom of things, no amount of force to change our behavior will work. The issues will persist and all the stronger. So, I approach personal growth from an aspect of understanding first.

Finding The Reasons Behind The Issue

Often revealing the reasons underlying our ways, accepting them and then letting go, brings the ultimate relief and growth. From a position of understanding, one is empowered to see new possibilities, create options and make the necessary changes in order to progress in life.

Frequently textbook solutions don’t seem real or lists of winning tips are too remote to touch an issue in a person. So, I like to write from my personal experience and thereby connect with the readers. I write about topics that I am currently contemplating or even struggling with and discuss my thoughts and ideas on them.

I am not one for forcing answers on others and am very aware that this can result in people feeling inadequate and frustrated because they can’t seem to get the advice to work. Some solutions out there can be very harsh and, although that has its place, I like to take a more gentle approach. Whatever a person is feeling or struggling with is acceptable. There is no need for you or someone else to beat you up about it. My message says: “it’s OK for you to feel the way you do and be the way you are.” That removes a great deal of the anxiety and stress around an issue.

However, I don’t want it all to be about my opinion and I am thrilled that I have developed an active community that contributes to the discussion and we can all learn and grow together.

I don’t see myself as giving answers, more suggestions and options. My aim is to convey a sense of hope and to create thought around issues. Our lives are so hectic these days that sometimes just to have a few moments in a quiet place to contemplate some of the things that are going on around us, helps us to feel more in control.

My desire is that readers leave the blog feeling they have new ideas for resolving their problems, or a fresh way of looking at things, or empowered to take action in some form. I’d like them to feel inspired to be in the world.

The website was born out of a little affirmation program that my partner, Cornel, and I developed. This idea of ours came from a combination of realizing how positive thought has made such a difference in our lives and wanting to continue reinforcing that habit. Then we found that we wanted to share the program and so we made it available online. The next step was the blog – a natural one given my love of writing; and, here we are. We have some other programs in the making and, of course, I have lots of writing in me, so we expect to be here for some time to come.


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