Powerful Pills Of Resveratrol

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It has been stated that red wine contains resveratrol which may extend life span. This chemical is naturally produced in plants and serves to help a stressed plant combat pathogens and return it to a normal state by acting like an antibiotic. Many plants and plant parts contain it including roots, vines, and stocks, but it is predominant in the skin of grapes. Because grape skins spend longer amounts of time during the making of red wine, it is considered to have more beneficial effects than its white counterpart. Due to its effects on free radicals, fats, and lipoproteins, red wine components have been touted as superior anti-oxidants. As an extension of these anti-oxidant properties, wine components are being examined for their anti-cancer capabilities. The plant antibiotic may be prevent blood platelets from clumping which in turn could prevent the blood clots that can cause heart attacks. It has properties that prevent extended damage of heart tissue following catastrophic events such as heart attacks. A lot of buzz has been generated about the chemical’s benefit and now scientist, doctors, and consumers are looking for answers. These groups want more information and hope to find benefits of consumption with minimal side effects. Few studies have been carried out in people, but many have occurred in the lab. It has been stated that while the positive properties do exist in the lab, how will the body accept and absorb these chemicals?

Resveratrol’s Ideal Form Of Consumption

In response to patient request for guidance about resveratrol and resveratrol pills, the doctors from New Jersey’s Advanced Cardiology Institute took a closer look at the claims. It may indeed be that the plant chemical does have benefits, but how does this balance out when compared to the negative effects of the alcohol that wine contains? Based on this dilemma, perhaps pills of resveratrol may indeed be ideal. The doctors from the Cardiology Institute are giving green lights to these pills, but still express that more research needs to be done to fully examine the products ability to prevent illness and increase longevity. Jacqueline Hollywood M.D. states that research is still being examined, but  “is confident that red wine pills are safer than an alcoholic beverage.”

The Cardiology Institute has traditionally given the go-ahead to treatments long before they become the norm in the medical community. Following this established pattern, they are leaning heavily at endorsing red wine pills. The doctors are taking advantage of the opportunity to work directly with patients that they can monitor and whose treatment they can control. Many of their patients are given these pills and the results are being tracked. Dr. Rothman [of the Advanced Cardiology Institute] says “the idea of providing the heart healthy molecules found in red wine in a pill without the accompanying alcohol, sugars or calories, sounds appropriate, but that only further testing will reveal their effectiveness.” Based on the plant chemical’s promising abilities to positively affect many areas of life, it is worth keeping an eye out for products containing these substances especially when side effects can be reduced. Although drinking a glass of wine may be more enjoyable, consider a wine pill instead for the same positive attributes without the headache in the morning.


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