Candida – Carbs, Corn and Candex… What the Heck is Candex?

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Candida can cause brain fog, fatigue, a whole host of other illnesses and of course yeast infections.  A full 75% of women will develop a yeast infection (Candida albicans) in their lifetime and many women will battle this over and over again.  Now either these single celled yeasts got clever and unionized or something else is going on.

Normally Candida albicans lives harmlessly in perfect harmony with the rest of our intestinal flora, but like most things, we are our own worst enemy.  We set the stage by creating the right environment for Candida to flourish.  Overuse of antibiotics kill off good bacteria and make room for more yeast.  Yeast feeds on sugar and we help to the tune of 135 pounds per year… that’s over 5 times as much as we consumed 20 years ago.  Other factors like stress, poor digestion, alcohol and oral contraceptives all play a role in creating this yeast friendly environment.

So what can we do?

We can all start by limiting our sugar intake.  Add more fresh greens to your diet, which will replace some of the sugary foods and add some much needed fiber to help our digestive problems.  Take a good probiotic to replace some of that good bacteria like Dr. Ohhira’s 12 Plus Formula.  Limit fungi containing foods like corn and peanuts.  Find something that works for you to reduce stress… for one person it’s a walk on the beach and for the next person it’s joining an MMA gym and getting kicked in the head.  Get some sleep and get some exercise.

If you already have yeast problem, then you need to consider some further options.  Look into an anti-fungal diet.  Doug Kaufman from (and the tv show) has a great diet program.  Look into anti-fungal supplements like olive leaf and oregano oil.  Our customers have had a lot of success with a product called Candex.  Candex is an enzyme formula that is designed to help breakdown and destroy the cellular wall of the yeast.  It’s currently our #4 best seller, which is saying something.

There are a lot of other natural alternative that we can get into later, but right now I feel like a salad.



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