BPA Plastic Warning: Your Water Bottle Could Be Lethal

Bisphenol A is a compound often used in the production of semi-soft plastics and, commonly referred to as BPA plastic, it has been a hot topic of conversation recently. Media messages are often confusing and created in a manner that encourage people to actually stay tuned or pick up the newspaper in order to find out if their family is at risk of getting whatever new ailment is being discussed. The use of plastics has been under the spotlight recently because of possible health and environmental detriments. News media and product manufactures have been exposing the dangers that result when a person ingests chemicals that may leech out of plastic containing substances. They comment on the environmental cost of producing these products and provide green alternatives. As a result, many items are now available that do not contain these "dangerous" plastic compounds and are either re-usable or made from more earth friendly products. Due to the prominence of the topic, let's discuss what is known about these substances to try to discern if your water bottle could be lethal.

Shining Light On A Semi-Clear...

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