What the Heck is the ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test and Why Should I Care?

VeggiesMasahiro Ihara

This is a universal issue that we all need to be aware of.  Sensitivities to foods and other substances cause a reaction by our immune system and over time, this can result in a host of problems.  

Even though we sell the Alcat test, please don’t dismiss this as a sales letter... you never have to take the test to benefit from this article!  Below, I will cover:

  1. What is a food sensitivity and how can it affect me?

  2. How does the Alcat test work?

  3. What can I do today, even if I don’t take the test?


What is a food sensitivity and how can it affect me?

If you learn just one thing from this article, then let it be this... you can be sensitive to anything you put in or on your body.  The results of that sensitivity can be subtle and delayed, making it very tricky to figure out.  However, just being aware to the fact that you could be sensitive...

Fab Five, Part 1

*** This article is from an email I sent to our customers a little while back, so Brock is just fine now.***   My youngest son hit his head this morning hard enough to send us to the emergency room. Sitting in the waiting room right now seems like the perfect place to start this email, since I’m surrounded by sick people.   Everyday I’m asked for recommendations, so I thought it might be helpful to write about a group of supplements that everyone should consider and why... we’ll call it the “Fab Five”. I’ll just cover 1 supplement every few days and keep it short. I’m not going to go into too much depth, so just email me if you have any questions.   Probiotics - a few trillion of our closest friends These are the friendly bacteria that have been getting so much attention in yogurt commercials recently. Now I know digestion is not a very sexy topic, but it’s important... more important than most people know. Many Nutritionists and Naturopaths call the gut “Mom”, since it’s job is to take care of us. Others say that 70% of our...

L-Tryptophan: Bringing Hope To Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers

 Many of us would have heard of L-Tryptophan, the amino acid present in turkey which is (falsely) blamed for the notorious post-thanksgiving-dinner drowsiness; however, now this amino acid has stepped into the limelight. Recent research has found the amino acid to be linked to the functioning of the immune system and it is currently being used in trials for multiple sclerosis treatments. The research that has led to these discoveries has been undertaken by a renowned professor of neurological sciences, Steinman, MD and his team. Steinman is one of the top experts in the functioning of the human brain and nervous system and related diseases and is also chair of the immunology program. His focus usually lies on technologically-advanced, genetic treatments; so work on the effects of an amino acid was an unusual project for him to have taken on. In fact, Steinman only considered this project because Michael Platten, MD, PhD, a leading postdoctoral researcher in the field of this amino acid, approached Steinman with the suggestion of trying tranilast in his multiple sclerosis studies. Tranilast is an anti-allergic medication that is a derivative of the...