Deficiency in This May Make You 70% More Likely to Die of Heart Disease


Can you name the nutrient that 80% of Americans are deficient in, that is found on an ER crash cart, and used in hospitals for pre-eclampsia and seizures?


This nutrient is found in over 300 enzymes, including the ones that synthesize ATP... the battery power we live on. While most drugs have 1 function, a recent study showed that 3,751 binding sites on proteins have been found for this. This nutrient isn’t sexy, but it’s vital... it’s magnesium.


The study I referenced in the title looked at the magnesium levels of 7,664 “healthy” people and tracked them for 10.5 years. With all other risk factors figured in, the people with lower levels of urinary magnesium were 70% more likely to die from heart disease.


Cholesterol seems to get all the attention, but a study that looked at 136,000 heart attack victims found that about 75% had normal LDL levels, and about 50% had optimal levels. Cholesterol is a factor, but clearly not the only factor.


There’s a mountain...

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