What’s the Difference Between a Tomato and a Tomato? (Fab Five, Part 5)

Multiple Vitamin - Come On, We All Knew It Was Making The List
  There are several reasons why we all NEED to be taking a good multiple vitamin...   Where It’s Grown - It’s easy to think of soil as just the dirt where plants take root, but it’s so much more. The nutrients in the foods we eat are directly linked to microbe activity, organic matter, the mineral composition, plant genetics, and fertilization practices.  The tomato might look much the same as it did 80 years ago, but it’s not.  Average mineral content in selected vegetables, 1914 - 1997. Or your apple... Eighty year decline in mineral content of medium apple. The type of soil matters too, for example, vegetables grown in clay dense soil can have 5 times the nutrients as those grown in sand dense soil.  

 photo by Ajith_chatie

When It’s Picked - Fresh tomatoes grown in California have to be picked before they’re ripe if they’re going to be sold in Minnesota....
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