The Quest for Optimal Health…



The goal of this article is to explain the purpose behind what I write for you.


Nearly all of the topics I write about are aligned with the goal of Optimal Health.  I define Optimal Health simply as the best state of body and mind possible, with respect to factors that are truly within our control.


Optimal Health is a personal quest that has nothing do with how much you can bench press or how fast you can run a 5K.  The Optimal Health for the 18 year old athlete is different than the Optimal Health of a 76 year old person diagnosed with cancer.  It changes as we change, but there’s always an Optimal Health level at each stage of our lives.


We live, we die, and our level of health effects every aspect of our lives in between. If it’s so obviously important, why are so many people living in health poverty?  That’s an extremely complicated question, but here are some big factors:


1. Information -...

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