Powerful Pills Of Resveratrol

It has been stated that red wine contains resveratrol which may extend life span. This chemical is naturally produced in plants and serves to help a stressed plant combat pathogens and return it to a normal state by acting like an antibiotic. Many plants and plant parts contain it including roots, vines, and stocks, but it is predominant in the skin of grapes. Because grape skins spend longer amounts of time during the making of red wine, it is considered to have more beneficial effects than its white counterpart. Due to its effects on free radicals, fats, and lipoproteins, red wine components have been touted as superior anti-oxidants. As an extension of these anti-oxidant properties, wine components are being examined for their anti-cancer capabilities. The plant antibiotic may be prevent blood platelets from clumping which in turn could prevent the blood clots that can cause heart attacks. It has properties that prevent extended damage of heart tissue following catastrophic events such as heart attacks. A lot of buzz has been generated about the chemical's benefit and now scientist, doctors, and consumers are looking...

Resveratrol May Be The Key Elixir For The Fountian of Youth

Scientist may be one step closer to discovering the fountain of youth, and the key may be resveratrol. In an interview 1 on March 23, 2009, Dr. Mehmet Oz speaks of the ability of a person to live a longer healthier life. The body's adaptive response to insufficient calories may be to extend the life of the individual in an effort to extend the survival of the species. A decrease in calories may mean an inability to reproduce and in response the body extends the longevity of the affected individual. Cutting back as little as 15% of the calories ingested (ie decreasing from 2000 calories to 1700) may be enough to trigger this response. The idea is to cut back on empty calories that provide little or no nutrients. Opting out of sodas, donuts, and sugary snacks can make this cut back a reality. In addition to the above, Dr. Oz brings to light the possibility of tissue regeneration, organ rebuilding, and new artery development. All of these medical advances will permit the healthy extension of one's life. 

The Hidden Jewel Derived From Plants

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