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Blue Ocean Minerals

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 5 ml (1 teaspoon)
Servings Per Container: 50

Amount per
% Daily*





















*Percent Daily Values are based on the 2000 Calorie Diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

100% Certified, pure, naturally concentrated ocean minerals only.

Dose once or twice daily at mealtimes. Must dilute in water/juice/shake. Graduate slowly over time from 1/4 tsp up to 2 tsp daily. Safe when taken as directed.

Warnings: Should you have any serious health issues, please seek the advice of your doctor.

Note: Due to high concentration natural crystallization can occur. This does not affect the quality of the product.

Why take ocean-derived minerals?

Since the minerals in our blood are the same full-spectrum minerals found in ocean water, we absorb these highly compatible minerals naturally as a whole mineral food. Blue Ocean Minerals™ contains broad-spectrum ocean minerals and trace elements harvested naturally from the pristine Great Barrier Reef.

Because our planet is experiencing soil mineral depletion worldwide, there are far less minerals in our foods and bodies. If you do not have a plan to replace the nutritional minerals used every day by your body, you are risking the loss of robust mineral nutrition - one of the most indespensable keys to the vibrant health. Our bodies do not produce minerals on their own.

We harvest our ocean water for the minerals from the southern Antartic Pacific Currents of the Great Barrier Reef Australia. This reef is over 2,000 square miles and looks like an opal jewel when flying over it.

The reef has been protected for hundreds of years by the Australian Government with no shipping or agriculture allowed on or near the reef, and is a National Treasure.

Blue Ocean Minerals has direct permission from the Australian Government each year to procure live ocean water for purposes of making the minerals, with absolutely no negative impact whatsoever on the Reef.

The reef waters are pure and have maintained their untouched, natural beauty for many millenniums.

We then use a proprietary 100% nautral solar process to create our minerals, with “0” carbon footprint, into the raw minerals which are the most highly concentrated, low-sodium and full-spectrum minerals on the Planet, in the most immediately digestible harmonic form.

We then Certify our minerals at our FDA Laboratories to be Authentic ocean-mineral analysis, pure, and 100% contaminent-free. Please enjoy the most pristine and full-spectrum mineral experience possible, to fulfill your daily mineral needs.


The Mineral Revolution

Looking at our Blue Planet from afar, what makes us so very special and unique in our solar system and in the Universe is our beautiful, life-sustaining blue ocean water. We are the blue dot of the Universe. Inside of your body is the very same living ocean as our blue waters, which is really the marvelous key and solution in fulfilling our mineral heritage.

Living ocean water actively supports life and is constantly re-generating fresh minerals from the many gigantic ocean floor vents. These geo-thermic vents circulate mineral-rich macro and trace elements back into the ocean water in constant motion in many deep-sea locations on the sea floor, thus constantly replenishing and circulating live ocean water with fresh macro and trace minerals. Ocean minerals are thus the richest and most restorative source of minerals and trace elements on Earth, and our internal mineral chemistry is exactly the same as ocean water – making Blue ocean Minerals the natural choice for perfect absorption and broad-spectrum availability. Through a proprietary solar process we are have access to the most highly concentrated, low-sodium, and absorbable mineral nutrition that exists.

Our entire bodies are a matrix of living minerals, so we can reconnect now with our oceanic source and claim our true mineral inheritance. Blue Ocean Minerals™ is a Revolution in how we are now able to get the minerals that we need naturally. This Star of the Sea is a broad-spectrum and complete mineral nutrition is derived from living and pristine ocean water, and with all the key 92+ major and trace elements available when you need them, in the most remarkable synergistic and natural form possible.

Biological mechanisms that first operated in the dawn of life animate the creatures of the Earth to this day, forming an unbroken chain at least 3.8 billion years long. Replenish and enhance this biological birthright with a daily dose of BLUE OCEAN MINERALS®. These minerals cannot be supplied by the body. From the beginning and at this very moment, these minerals are indispensable for life.

It is believed that the first life forms on this planet began in the oceans. From its beginnings and over two billion years and counting, life in all of its shapes, forms, and geographies has grown and spread throughout the planet, and has always born the imprint of its origin in the oceans. One imprint is the need to have a continuous supply of the minerals and trace elements of the kind found in ocean water in order for life to thrive and survive. A case in point is the minerals in our bloodstream, which mirror-image the 92+ minerals and trace elements contained in ocean water.

These minerals must come continuously from outside the organism, as they are not produced organically. As early life forms migrated from the oceans to the land, minerals from the soil formed and nourished their cells making minerals available for the nourishment of subsequent life forms higher on the food chain.

Throughout human history the nutritional value of food has largely been taken for granted. Only recently has science come to understand the nutritional elements of food including the indispensable role that minerals play in sustaining all life.

Ironically, as we have become aware of the importance of minerals for life we have become aware of their increasing scarcity. Due to the mineral depletion in our soils there is a worldwide trend towards mineral deficiency.

With this stunning reality in mind, Blue Ocean Minerals® has been able to tap into the most abundant, perfect, and previously unavailable source of minerals on earth- the waters of the world’s oceans and thus giving us access for our nutrition today to the very source of life.

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