Harmonic Innerprizes was established in 1995 pioneering the new science of monatomic elements (ORMES) that was discovered by David Hudson a few years earlier. This research led to the study of electromagnetics and how the electromagnetics of substances affected the electromagnetics of the body and how the health and vitality of the body is influenced by electromagnetic frequencies.

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n-fuzed Candida 8 Ounce by  Harmonic Innerprizes $25.46 (retail $29.95)   
N-Fuzed Estro-Fem 8 Ounce by  Harmonic Innerprizes $25.46 (retail $29.95)   
N-Fuzed Estro-Fem 16 Ounce by  Harmonic Innerprizes $46.71 (retail $54.95)   
N-Fuzed Testosterone 8 Ounce by  Harmonic Innerprizes $28.63 (retail $29.95)   
N-Fuzed Testosterone 16 Ounce by  Harmonic Innerprizes $46.71 (retail $54.95)   
Paractin MSM 30 Capsule by  Harmonic Innerprizes $14.86 (retail $16.95)   
ParActin MSM 90 Capsule by  Harmonic Innerprizes $33.96 (retail $39.95)   
Paractin MSM 180 Capsule by  Harmonic Innerprizes $59.46 (retail $69.95)   
Super Silica Plus 60 Vcap by  Harmonic Innerprizes $23.76 (retail $27.95)   
Toxin Therapy 120 Vegicap by  Harmonic Innerprizes $33.96 (retail $39.95)   
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