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Complete Omega  Lemon

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Softgels

Calories - 18 Calories from fat - 18

Amount per
% Daily*

Total Fat




   Saturated Fat




   Trans Fat




Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol








   EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)




   DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)




   Other Omega-3s




   Total Omega-3s








   GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid)








   OA (Oleic Acid)




*Percent Daily Values are based on the 2000 Calorie Diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
**Daily value not established.

Ingredients: purified deep sea fish oil (from anchovies and sardines),softgel capsule (gelatin, water, glycerin, natural lemon oil), borage oil, natural lemon oil, d-alpha tocopherol, rosemary extract.

Contains No: gluten, yeast, milk derivatives, or artificial colors or flavors.

Suggested Use: Two softgels daily, with food, or as directed by your health care professional or pharmacist.

Warning: Consult with your physician before using this product if you are allergic to iodine, using blood thinners, or anticipate surgery. Keep out of the reach of children.

Contains vitamin E derived from refined soybean oil.

Meets our daily needs for Healthy Skin and Hair, and Joint Mobility*

Nordic Naturals Complete Omega-3.6.9 delivers EPA and DHA from fish oil and GLA from borage oil. Distilled for purity, Complete Omega-3.6.9 is an ideal supplement to ensure adequate intake of essential fatty acids from both fish and plant source. Rosemary extract has been added for freshness, and natural lemon oil for palatability.

Nordic Naturals Complete Omega-3.6.9 combines a perfect blend of Omega-3s (EPA and DHA) from fish and Omega-6s (GLA) from borage oil to support healthy skin, hair, joint flexibility, and normal fat metabolism.

• Mood stabilizer support
• Aids in PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
• Support for joint health
• Promotes healthy skin (Support for dry and scaly skin)
• GLA aids in the reduction of the toxic effect of alcohol

Why Nordic Naturals

EPA and DHA, the Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, are essential for maintaining optimal mental and physical health. To date, over 8,000 research studies have documented the health-promoting effects of Omega-3 fatty acids—they show that fish oils strengthen the heart, support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response, and nourish the bones and joints. Every year additional studies continue to be published, focusing on the mental and physical health benefits of EPA and DHA.

Nordic Naturals, Inc. was founded by Norwegian born, Joar Opheim, who recognized the lack of fish oils in the United States when he first arrived here 20 years ago. “Having been born and raised in Arctic Norway, where the fishing industry is a crucial part of both the commerce and academia, I was aware of the importance of pure Omega-3 in the diet.” Today Nordic Naturals is the leading supplier of fish oils to the natural product industry, as well as the professional market and prominent research organizations.

Our fish oils are produced from the highest quality raw materials and processed with innovative, multi-patented technologies, allowing us to deliver levels of freshness, purity, and taste unheard of only a few years ago.

In the competitive Norwegian market, leading medical doctors are describing Nordic Naturals products as “simply the best fish oils in the world.” The following sections highlight the many aspects of our fish oils that make Nordic Naturals products exceptional and unique.

Nordic Naturals Why 1

Fish oil quality standards do not exist in the United States. To ensure consistent quality, Nordic Naturals adheres to and exceeds the stringent Norwegian Medicinal Standard (NMS) and the European Pharmacopoeia Standard (EPS) for all of our products. These standards guarantee quality products by setting maximum allowances on peroxides, heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs.

Purity Table

Andenes, Norway factory

Freshly caught fish go directly from the sea to the fish oil factory in Andenes, Norway (above)

Exceptional Freshness Levels

Freshness, which ensures product integrity and biological efficacy, may be the single most important quality of fish oils. Nordic Naturals’ patented, oxygen-free manufacturing process delivers peroxide values (indicators of freshness) down to absolute 0.0 mEq/kg, with an average of 0.75 mEq/kg, or approximately 14 times below the Norwegian Medicinal Standard and European Pharmacopoeia Standard limits.

In addition to measuring peroxide levels, Nordic Naturals measures a second important marker of freshness known as anisidine. As peroxides are further oxidized they form compounds that are quantified as the anisidine value. Whereas peroxide levels reflect current oxidation, anisidine value is a measure of past oxidation. The lower the peroxide and anisidine value, the fresher the fish oil.

Third Party Tested

Freshness is crucial for several reasons. It eliminates consumers’ key complaints, which are fishy taste and fishy repeat. On the physiological level, fresh fish oil prevents in vivo free radical formation, which has been shown to have a negative effect on the human body.

A low peroxide value may be the key reason why so many consumers, who previously did not benefit from fish oil supplementation, report extraordinary results when using the Nordic Naturals brand.

Freshness Analysis

Freshness Analysis Table

Peroxide: Norwegian Medicinal Standard Limit: 10.0 mEq/kg • European Pharmacopoeia Limit: 10.0 mEq/kg

Award Winning Purity

Nordic Naturals Awards

Nordic Naturals’ raw material is harvested from some of the cleanest waters in the world, and is tested by independent laboratories for heavy metals and over 210 other environmental contaminants.

Nordic Naturals was ranked #1 out of the top 10 fish oil brands in Norway for highest concentration, freshness, and purity.

Heavy Metals

Nordic Naturals products show no detectable lead or mercury when tested down to 10 ppb, which is 10 times below the Norwegian Medicinal Standard and European Pharmacopoeia Standard limits.

Purity Analysis: Mercury and Lead

Mercury and Lead Table

Norwegian Medicinal Standard Limit: 100 ppb • European Pharmacopoeia Limit: 100 ppb • NN Test Limit: 10 ppb

Fishing Boats


Nordic Naturals oils have been tested down to 0.5 ppt with zero detection of dioxins. The Norwegian Medicinal Standard and European Pharmacopoeia Standard limits for dioxins are 2 ppt. Analysis is based on the toxicity equivalent testing methodology established by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Nordic Naturals oils show no detectable PCBs when tested down to 0.5 ppt. The Norwegian Medicinal Standard limit for PCBs is 3 ppt. No Limit has been established by the European Pharmacopoeia Standard. Analysis is based on the toxicity equivalent testing methodology established by the WHO.

Purity Analysis: Dioxin and PCBs

Dioxin and PCB Table

Dioxins: Norwegian Medicinal Standard Limit: 2.0 ppt • European Pharmacopoeia Limit: 2.0 ppt • NN Test Limit: 0.5 ppt
PCBs: Norwegian Medicinal Standard Limit: 3.0 ppt • European Pharmacopoeia Limit: N.A. • NN Test Limit: 1.0 ppt
Testing based on WHO toxicity equivalents model

Outstanding Taste

The key objections to taking fish oils are taste and aftertaste. Nordic Naturals utilizes a proprietary enzymatic process to ensure a completely repeat-free product. Our patented manufacturing process adds natural fruit essences into both the capsule and oil for a light, fruity taste.

Years of feedback from health professionals and customers indicate that children, teenagers, and adults of all ages enjoy the clean, natural taste of Nordic Naturals fish oils. Most importantly, a pleasant tasting and burp-free product dramatically increases customer satisfaction.

Natural Fruit Flavors

Exceptional Raw Materials

Nordic Naturals starts with the best raw materials available: fish low on the food chain, which naturally contain low levels of impurities and high levels of Omega-3 fats. Additionally, we use organic evening primrose and borage oils whenever possible for our fish oil blend products.

Over the past 10 years, we have perfected our “Gold Standard”—three steps which now allow us to surpass the strictest standards of purity and freshness.

First, we work with smaller boats and independent fishermen, rather than larger trawling vessels that spend much longer at sea. We have built a direct relationship with these fishermen over the years in order to ensure optimal raw and sustainable material quality.

Secondly, we use nitrogen to minimize oxidation at every stage of manufacturing, beginning right on the boat. The importance of this cannot be overstated: only by using nitrogen can we protect the oil from decomposition.

Finally, since our processing facility is located right next to the harbor, transportation time is minimized. This means that a few short hours after being caught, the Arctic cod are delivered whole into our facility for immediate handling. Thanks to the short amount of time from catch to processing, as well as the processing method itself, we have been able to improve the freshness of our fish oil even more.

Nordic Naturals uses this three-step system to ensure that our Arctic Cod Liver Oil remains unparalleled, meeting the “Gold Standard.”

Not all Cod Liver Oils are created equal

Few people are aware of the fact that many cod liver oil (CLO) products are mostly made from fish other than cod, such as seit or haddock, as Arctic Cod is by far the most expensive raw material available. Since only cod liver contains high levels of naturally occurring vitamins A and D, other cod liver oil manufacturers have to add back synthetic vitamins to standardize the fish oil as cod liver oil. Nordic Naturals uses 100% Arctic Cod for all of its cod liver oil products. Our Arctic Cod Liver Oil contains the highest Omega-3 level of any CLO product, and is tested to ensure healthy levels of 100% naturally occurring vitamins A and D.

Multi-Patented Process

Manufacturing Process

Nordic Naturals’ multi-patented manufacturing processes, accompanied by leading-edge processing technologies, deliver fish oil with exceptional freshness and purity levels. Nordic Naturals uses several steps in processing the oils, from water and clay filters to an enzymatic molecular distillation process.

Nordic Naturals aims to minimize heat and preserve the natural constituents of the oil to the highest degree possible. We only use natural enzymes to form triglycerides for all our high concentrate products, with no chemicals or excessive heat. All our products are manufactured in triglyceride form in order to best preserve the oil and enhance absorption and utilization.

Manufacturing End Process

Triglyceride versus Ethyl Ester Form

Triglycerides contain a glycerol backbone, stabilizing the oil molecules in their natural form. But fish oils that are in the synthetic ethyl ester form are highly unstable, and rapidly break down during storage.

Additionally, when fish oils are digested they are converted into free fatty acids. After absorption through the epithelial cells, free fatty acids are immediately reassembled back into triglycerides by re-attaching to a glycerol backbone. If the glycerol backbone is missing (as they are with synthetic ethyl esters), and no other glycerol backbones are available, the oil cannot be converted back to triglyceride form. Fatty acids not converted to triglycerides pose an oxidation burden in the form of free radical formation.


Backed by Extensive Research

Nordic Naturals is a research driven company, where processing technology and product formulations are driven by the latest developments. Without solicitation, leading research institutions such as Harvard University, Georgetown University, Columbia University, and the National Institute of Health have chosen the Nordic Naturals brand for clinical studies. Nordic Naturals products are currently used in eighteen clinical studies at various research facilities and universities around the world. More studies are added every month. For additional clinical research summaries, please visit

Research Table

Environmental Responsiblity

Overfishing is a global issue that needs immediate attention by local governments and the international community. Since our inception, Nordic Naturals’ policy has always been to choose fish that are not endangered and to harvest them from waters that are not overfished. Our Arctic Cod is harvested in Arctic Norway between the Lofoten islands outside of Bodø, Norway. Nordic Naturals also ensures that the fish harvested are utilized 100% for human or animal consumption.

Nordic Naturals is greatly concerned about overfishing and receives updated information on fish stock in Norway and neighboring waters every week. Consequently, Nordic Naturals only harvests fish in areas that have a plentiful supply and that are not in danger of overfishing.

Over Fishing Graphic

Optimal Blend of Natural Stabilizers

Nordic Naturals has spent over five years researching the impact of various natural stabilizers on fish oil. Stability testing performed at Nutrasource Diagnostics in 2006 concluded that by our adding of Vitamin E and Rosemary Extract to our formulas, we’ve optimized the long-term freshness of our oils.

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