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Item# 26742674 Deer Antler Essence
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Deer Antler Essence

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Dropper
Servings Per Container: 70

Ingredients: New Zealand Deer Antler Tips, Lycium fruit, Polygonum multiflorum (prepared He shou wu) root.

Other Ingredients: Water, alcohol (25% by volume).

Suggested Use:
Take 1 dropper up to six times per day or as directed by your primary health care professional.

Deer Antler Essence is the ultimate tonic for the rejuvenation of Yang Essence, Yin Essence, and blood. It is the finest Jing tonic in the world. Considered a Yang tonic, it provides physical, sexual, and creative energy by nourishing the root energy of the body.

• Ultimate Jing Tonic
• Builds sexual energy
• Kidney Yang and Yin Tonic
• Builds blood and nourishes marrow

Our Deer Antler Essence is a full spectrum extraction of one of the most profound substances in the anti-aging and longevity category. We source only antler from New Zealand due to its unsurpassed quality and the total dedication of the New Zealand Game Industry Board to the absolutely humane treatment of the animals during the harvesting process.

Deer Antler is truly one of nature’s miraculous examples of regeneration and sustainability. In the spring antlers naturally grow at an astounding rate of almost 2 cm daily. At approximately day 60 of the growing cycle, the deer are gathered together from the free range, and the antlers are harvested under the auspices of licensed and trained veterinarians. After a few days, when it has been determined that the animals are all in good health, they are returned the free range for the remainder of the year.

After harvesting the antlers are freeze dried and then sliced into thin wafers. It is these thin slices that Jing Herbs then takes delivery of and processes into our potent and full spectrum Deer Antler Essence. We only do full spectrum extractions because we believe nature constructs the products to a state of perfection in relation to active ingredients. When you take a natural product like deer antler, and try to spike the levels of one or two of the ‘active ingredients’, you may be getting the intelligence of the product, but you may be leaving behind the wisdom. We give you the product the way nature intended, in its potent, nutrient rich, non-toxic, full spectrum glory.

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