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EpiCor for Kids 125mg

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Amount per
% Daily*

Dried Yeast Fermentate
(EpiCor®) (Sacchromyces Cerevislae)




**Daily value not established.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin Capsule (Gelatin, Water).

Contains no: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, nuts, tree nuts, wheat or soy. No added sugar, salt, gluten or corn. No preservatives, artificial clors or artificial flavors.

Suggested Use:
Children less than 40lbs - One (1) capsule per day. Children 40-80lbs - Two (2) capsules per day. Children 80-120lbs - Three (3) capsules per day. Children 120lbs - Consider switching to adult EpiCor®.

Warnings: This product is intended for use by children under adult supervision. Capsules may be taken apart and contents added to food. Recommended dose can be taken at one meal.

EpiCor® is a trademark of Embria Health Sciences, L.L.C.

EpiCor® is a unique, all natural dietary ingredient that significantly strengthens the body's immune function.*

Safe for children 4+, EpiCor® has been clinically shown to help keep the immune system balanced and performing optimally.* Packed with antioxidant power, EpiCor® works within 2 hours to activate Natural Killer (NK) Cells, one of the body's first lines of immune defense.*

Stress -Arthritis - Allergies Indicate an immune system that is out of balance

Healthy Origins ® EpiCor® keeps the immune system in a steady state - Naturally!

The immune system is more susceptible in the winter time and can be challenged year-round. Allergies are a result of an over active immune system, while colds are an indication of a distressed immune system. Our immune system is consistently directed by stresses such as lack of sleep, fatigue, eating habits, pollution, travel, changing seasons and normal aging. These stresses can increase or decrease the immune system like a playground teeter-totter rises and falls. Studies suggest that EpiCor may help the immune system resporid appropriately when being attacked. *

EpiCor® may help strengthen resistance and maintain wellness before immune health issues develop by helping the body modulate its immune response.* One 500 mg capsule of EpiCor® a day can keep your immune system balanced.

Colds - Flus - Allergies These and More Affect Your Immune System

Reduces Incidence of Cold & Flu Symptoms

Over 200 common viruses are known to cause cold symptoms! School, work, play, these viruses are always around us and our loved ones. In addition to the discomfort and pain of colds, they cost us time and money in doctor visits, sick days and lost school days.

A recent clinical study confirmed what thousands have already come to realize: EpiCor helps us stay healthy! Adults average 2-4 colds per year while their children in school experience as many as 12 colds per year.' Colds cause us to lose time at work or school and impact our daily lives. A recent EpiCor clinical trial found those who took EpiCor had a 21% reduction in the incidence of cold symptoms versus those who took a placebo, also those who took the EpiCor experienced a 14% reduction in the duration or severity of cold symptoms. *

EpiCor ® an Amazing Story

In 1943 Diamond V Mills, Inc. began manufacturing and selling yeast culture products to the animal feed industry. Over time employees noticed they were getting sick less often.

An analysis suggested that the plant workers had increased levels of immune activity through handling the material over time. But, the product designed to be fed by the pound to livestock, fish and other animals was not optimal for human use. Embria was formed as a Diamond V subsidiary to develop a human product that would be easy for people to consume and ultimately benefit the immune system's response. EpiCor was the outcome of this effort and the rest of the story is resulting in clinical and scientifcally proven benefits associated with this ground breaking discovery.

Manufactured through the proprietary MetaGen4™ process, EpiCor is a highmetabolite immunogen that feeds and nourishes the body's immune engine to strengthen resistance and maintain wellness - before immune health issues develop.

EpiCor® is a registered trademark of Embria Health Sciences, LLC.

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