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week supply






Humagro  6  week supply

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 Pellets

Ingredients: Homeopathic growth hormone 4c. (6 week supply)

Suggested Adult Use:
3 pellets under the tongue 3 times a day for 6 weeks.

Warnings: Reduce dosage or discontinue use in the event of any signs of hypersensitivity to this product. HGH should not be used when there is any evidence of activity of a tumor.


Humagro is a homeopathic growth hormone 4c, the highest and most effective potency allowed by the FDA for OTC products. Although no prescription is necessary, this product is for Professional Use. Place three pellets under your tongue three times a day for maximum benefits. Why place them under the tongue? This method is one of the fastest ways to get the supplement into the body. Don't believe it? Heart patients immediately put a nitroglycerine tablet under the tongue to ward off a heart attack in times of stress. Within a matter of seconds, the drug has crossed the thin membranes under the tongue and entered the bloodstream. Using sublingual supplements also puts less stress on the liver and can help your body use more of the product. Feel the power of unprecedented growth today!


Growth Hormone, Or Somatropin, is the most abundant hormone produced by the pituitary. It is responsible for proper growth and development until we mature as adults. Once we reach our adult height, growth hormone then regulates nearly every organ in the body.

Growth Hormone was first discovered in the 1920's. It became popular in 1958 after injection into a growth-stunted child, at the New England Medical Center in Boston. The child grew taller. At that time growth hormone was extracted from the pituitaries of cadavers. As heat destroyed this pituitary extract, it could not be pasteurized and the problem of transmitting disease existed.

In 1986 The Eli Lilly Company developed Humatrope human growth hormone. This new Fountain of Youth drug was identical in structure to actual Human Growth Hormone. It solved the problem of transmitting disease. Humatrope reduced body fat, increased lean muscle and muscle tone (without exercise), removed wrinkles, eliminated cellulite, rejuvenated the organs of the body, reduced fatigue, lowered blood pressure, improved cholesterol, enhanced sexual performance, balanced other hormones, and virtually reversed aging.

In 1990, The New England Journal of Medicine astounded the medical world when it released the results of a 6 month clinical study on human growth hormone administered to a group of men aged 61-81. These men, without any exercise, lost an average of 14% body fat, gained 8.8% lean muscle, regained lost bone mass, thickened their skin by 7%, lost wrinkles, and regrew failing liver tissue by l9%. In summary growth hormone returned flabby, frail old men to their younger, healthier, sleeker selves. It was estimated that this 6-month therapy reversed twenty years of aging.

People From All Walks of life, television personalities, movie stars, business people, politicians, virtually anyone who could afford the $18,000.00 annual therapy cost were flocking to clinics to receive Growth Hormone.

Homeopathic Growth Hormone Emerges:

In 1994, Biopharma USA, a cutting edge company, introduced safe homeopathic growth hormone at prices that the average consumer could afford. Homeopathic remedies and formulas have been safely used worldwide for over 150 years. Biopharma USA offers several growth hormone products. Humagro is the most popular. Humagro is for men and women for weight loss without dieting or exercise, increasing lean muscle, improving muscle tone, wrinkle removal, cellulite elimination, balancing hormones, improved energy, organ rejuvenation, slowing and reversing aging, improved sexual performance, younger skin, and many other benefits.






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