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Sole Pads


All Natural Ingredients: 20% Tourmaline for natural Far Infrared Rays & negative ions, Bamboo Vinegar, Achyranthis Root, Red Peony Root, Eleutherococcus senticosus, Artemisia Iwayomogi, Caragana Sinica, Platycodon Grandiflorum.

Suggested Use: A detailed illustrated instruction sheet is included inside the pack. Alternating feet each night, apply an Inner Health Sole Pad on the sole of one foot and on the part of the body that is affected or uncomfortable just before sleeping. Dispose of the soiled pad the next morning. Use a fresh pad every night until the pad is light in color and dryer. Then use twice a week as a maintenance program.

The wisdom from The Ancient Orient tells us that "Aging Comes From the Feet". After a 25 years of research in Japan, Inner Health Sole Pads were developed to help promote better health and longevity. Placing Sole Pads (with their alkalizing effect) on the feet before bedtime is an easy and convenient way to revitalize the body.

The Inner Health Sole Pads are gold patches made from organic cotton and filled with 20% Tourmaline, Eleuthero (Siberian), Bamboo Vinegar and other natural botanical herbs. These superior gold cleansing Sole Pads are used to absorb small amounts of your body fluids.

The Sole Pads are a natural wellness breakthrough that are specifically designed to awaken your body, mind and spirit.

Great results have been experienced. The Inner Health Sole Pads are regarded as the most effective natural breakthrough that enhance well-being. The popularity of the Sole Pads has been growing throughout the world. In Japan alone-one of the world's healthiest nations; a staggering $18 million (USD) of foot patches have been sold on a monthly basis since December 2002.

The creation of the Inner Health Sole Pads came about after a 25 year Japanese study on the mystical powers and energy of mature trees found deep in forests. The growth process of trees is a boundless source of knowledge and unexplained powers. Even under the worst weather conditions, trees can still grow and flourish for thousands of years on their own.

People from around the world pay tribute, today, to the Japanese research doctors, Matsushita and Itsuko and their assistants, for this marvelous discovery. They spent their lives searching for keys as sought by the sages of the ancient orient. This search led them to unlock some of the secrets of the woodlands. Now the secrets have been transformed into this superb patch for all humankind to enjoy and share.

Today, in the United States and many other countries, this is a unique way to experience natural relief and much more. The Inner Health Sole Pads are the most effective and advanced way to address issues that most people just endure needlessly.

After a quarter of a century of research and development, a discovery was made that bamboo / wood vinegar has an unparalleled ability to uplift the mind, body and soul. Using advanced technology, Inner Health Sole Pads are made from a unique and superior recipe of bamboo / wood vinegar, tourmaline, Eleutherococcus senticosus, and several other safe and effective botanicals that are combined and filled into organic cotton gold patches. To avoid waste and allergic reactions:

NO starch,
NO fillers,
NO sugars,
NO shellfish,
NO sulfur and
NO mushrooms are used.

Inner Health Sole Pads are applied to the skin. No oral consumption is required. These gold foot patches are placed on the Sole of the foot, as well as on problematic areas of the body before going to sleep, you will discover the patches' mysteries upon awakening.

Inner Health Sole Pad Instructions

Inner Health Sole Pads are patches or pouches made from organic cotton, which are filled with green tourmaline and alkalizing botanical extracts from Bamboo Vinegar, Eleuthero (Siberian), Red Peony Root, Pea Shrub, Balloon Flower and others. They are used for absorbing small amounts of your body fluids from your body's surface.

Before going to sleep, open the envelope protecting the Inner Health Sole Pad. Remove the paper from the adhesive gauze. Attach the gold side of the Sole Pad to the center portion of the sticky side of the adhesive gauze. Remove the two thin strips of paper from the gauze. Like a bandage, attach the patch to the area of the Sole of the foot you wish to cleanse. You will experience greater success, if you simultaneously attach Sole Pads on the areas of your body that are affected.
Upon awakening remove the foot patches and wash off any remaining fluids.

The 62 reflexology points on the Soles of the feet may be used as guides to achieve the best results with the Inner Health Sole Pad. A Pad may be reapplied, if it remains the original color upon awakening.

In accordance with the health conditions and physical constitution of the individual, the quantity of fluid absorbed and color of the patch may vary. The color of the soiled pads will change from their original white to gray, brown, green or even black. It, also, may take several days before the pads start changing color.

Applying one Sole Pad daily, alternating between feet each night, may take a month or longer to achieve a dryer and lighter pad. Once the soiled pads are dryer and lighter in color, you can start a maintenance program of applying the Sole Pads just twice a week.


Keep away from infants.
The Inner Health Sole Pad is not food and should not be eaten.
Use this product for external use only.
If you have sensitive skin, you may find you cannot keep the pad on for 8 to 10 hours.
Do not place near eyes or open wounds.
Do not use if the pad is damaged.
Do not use if pregnant or breast feeding

Inner Health Sole Pad Ingredients

The original Asian study of the health, longevity and natural disease resistance of mature trees deep in forests led to over 25 years of research and the formulation of the natural herbal ingredients for these gold foot patches.

Listed below are the natural herbal ingredients found in the Inner Health Sole Pads, but please take notice that they have no wasteful starches, sugars or fillers, and no shellfish, sulphur or mushrooms that can cause allergic reactions in many. Each organic cotton pad weighs 5g or .175 ounces filled with 20% Tourmaline and pure, natural herbs, such as: Bamboo Vinegar, Eleutherococcus senticosus; making it the heavy weight of all foot patches.

Green Tourmaline is not only prized as a beautiful, semi-precious gem, Tourmaline is the only mineral to show permanent electricity on the earth. When the positive and the negative electrodes of a tourmaline crystal are connected to each other or put under pressure or warmed, it generates a voltage (0.6V) and a low electricity of 0.06mA, equivalent to your body's. This electricity has deep penetration and can reach well into subcutaneous layers of your body where energy is produced and a deep penetrating heat.

Bamboo Vinegar is a byproduct of the production of bamboo charcoal, which is produced by burning bamboo in order to carbonize it. The process takes almost a year to perform. Scientific research indicates that it contains over 800 organic compounds, including glacial acid and at least ten different phenol groups. Bamboo vinegar, which is 47% acetic acid, has a pH similar to that of household vinegar, which is why it was given the name "bamboo vinegar". It is a balanced recipe rich in minerals and trace elements such as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, and Iron. These minerals and elements make it 30 times better than other vinegars. It has polyphenols, too.

Achyranthis Radix or Achyranthis Root

Paeoniae Rubra Radix or Red Peony Root contains a unique compound called paeoniflorin

Eleutherococcus Senticosus (Siberian) The active ingredients in Eleuthero are eleutherosides. Nutrients such as vitamin C, Beta-carotene, vitamin E, niacin and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12 are found in Eleutherococcus senticosus. It also is a source of minerals which include calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, barium, iron, strontium, boron, copper, manganese, chromium, and zinc.

Artemisia Iwayomogisubstances include refined oil, aromatic chemical composition of the essential oil from Artemisia iwayomogi.

Caragana Sinica or Peashrub

Platycodon Grandiflorum or Balloon Flower

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