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The NeuroProbe is a pen-shaped device that contains a proprietary blend of diamond, crystal and other elemental minerals in powder form. This mixture is charged with vibrational energy to reduce pain and inflammation. The NeuroProbe does not require batteries or any other power source, and continues to work constantly and indefinitely.

Neck and Back Pain
Painful Joints (Shoulders, Knees, Elbows, Ankles, etc)
Sprains, Tears, Bruises
Safe and "Puncture-less" Acupuncture
Organ and Gland disorders

Very Important

Use the NeuroProbe in a circular motion on areas of pain. Use it on bare skin or over light clothing. Apply the end of the NeuroProbe that is curved to the body (not the end that is flat and has the clip). As the inflammation in the area reduces search for painful nodules, referred to as trigger points. Apply the NeuroProbe directly to the trigger points with light pressure. As you do this you may feel tingling, warmth or other sensations. You may also feel sensations occur in other parts of the body. When any of these reactions occur keep working on that point until the sensations diminish or stop. Use this technique with back and neck pain, painful joints and limbs and weak or diseased organs.

The NeuroProbe has a clip so you can clip it on clothing and wear it all the time if you suffer from chronic pain. For low back pain clip the NeuroProbe on the back of your pants. For neck pain clip it on your shirt closest to the area of the worst pain. For ankle pain clip it on your sock. Wear it on the inside of clothing. Improvise with medical tape, if need be, placing the NeuroProbe on areas of pain. Be careful not to place it in any fashion that may cause injury.

Also use the NeuroProbe for:

Headaches—At the base of the skull while lying down, face up. Pay special attention to the “Master Points” located at the base of the skull that are shown in this manual.
Earaches—In the ear and in a circular motion around the ear.
Sore or tired eyes—In a circular motion around the eyes.
Moles, warts, cysts, pimples, boils—Directly on top of these.
Sprains, tears, cuts, bruises, blood blisters—As quickly after the injury occurs as possible.

To get the best results with your NeuroProbe you must be as relaxed as possible, focusing on the painful points without any outside distraction. It is best to first identify the point that you are treating by using pressure with your fingers in the general area of pain and searching for the most sensitive point in that area. Once you have identified the point, apply the NeuroProbe directly to the skin with some pressure to ensure that you are on the desired point. Often, reactions can be felt such as tingling or warm sensations when you are getting good results. The points are affected within five seconds of applying the NeuroProbe but, when feeling any type of sensation, continue on those points until the reactions subside.

About the 15 Master Points

Included with your purchase will be a brochure containing the 15 Master Points of Chinese acupuncture that, when activated in series, may help balance the nerve supply and energy throughout the body while causing the brain to produce an increased amount of cortisone and endorphins (healing neurotransmitters) to reduce pain and inflammation. With the exception of the first point, GV-20 on top of the head, each of the other 14 points are found on both the left and right sides of the body for a total of 29 points.

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