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Brand: Seagate     Categories: Cold & Flu / Olive Leaf


Olive Leaf Nasal Spray



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Olive Leaf Nasal Spray







Olive Leaf Nasal Spray

Olive Leaf Nasal Spray  1  Ounce

Supplement Facts

Active Ingredients: Wild Indigo (Baptisia tinctoria) 4x


Inactive Ingredients: USP Purified water, Xylitol powder, Sodium Chloride, Olive Leaf Extract (Olea europa) 4x, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Sodium Hydroxide (for pH balance)


Indications: For the temporary relief of colds and sinus irritations.


Dosage: Adults, use 1-3 sprays in each nostril every 2-4 hours or as needed. Children 3-12 years of age, use half the adult dosage. For children under the age of 3 years, consult a health care professional.


Sprays/bottle: approx. 300


How to use: Remove the protective cap. WIth your head held upright, insert nozzle into nostril and depress pump completely while breathing in through your nose. When finished, wipe nozzle clean and replace cap.


Caution: If pregnant or nursing, seek advise from a health care professional. Do not spray in eyes or ears. Before use with children under 1 year of age, consult your health care professional. The use of this dispenser by more than one person may spread infection.


Seagate's Olive Leaf Nasal Spray has been tested for stability and potency at a major independent laboratory. In addition, a series of time-lapse tests were performed by the lab on a weekly basis introducing potent strains of bacteria (including Strep.) into this nasal spray liquid and testing the ability of the olive leaf nasal spray formulation to control bacteria colonies. In each test, all the bacteria colonies and all other microorganisms introduced were immediately killed.

• Olive Leaf Extract (Olea europa): Seagate hand-selects, harvests, and processes their own olive leaves each winter when they have their maximum potency and antioxidant levels. Seagate Olive Leaf Extract has been recognized by doctors and other health care professionals as a leading alternative antimicrobial therapy, without the side-effects of antibiotics.

• Baptisia (Baptisia tinctoria) has long been recognized as a homeopathic remedy because of its antiseptic
properties. Its principal applications have been for mouth, throat and tonsil infections, inflammation and sore throat.

• Grapefruit Seed Extract is a natural antimicrobial ingredient that is widely recognized for nose and throat irritations, and for its use as a natural stabilizer in foods. Certain leading brands of nasal sprays use this ingredient as their only active ingredient at a concentration of 1,000 ppm. Seagate Olive Leaf Nasal Spray has 2,000 ppm of grapefruit seed extract to insure excellent stability and antimicrobial properties.


Lab Analyses:

The FDA required that we perform a “challenge” test at an independent laboratory for this type of homeopathic remedy, where very high concentrations of infectious organisms are introduced into the olive leaf nasal spray liquid over a one month period. One million colonies/ml each of bacteria (E. Coli, Staph, and Pseudomonas), fungus (Candida), and mold (Aspergillis) were injected into the Seagate Olive Leaf Nasal Spray and tested over a one month period.


1. Bacteria - The lab reported 99.9% of all the colonies were killed within the first 60 seconds. All the bacteria had died off by the time the second sample had been taken at the 6 hour interval. (The FDA standard to pass this test requires that the level of bacteria drops to 1,000 colonies/ml by the end of the month.)

2. Fungi - The lab reported 99% of the fungi colonies were killed within the first 60 seconds. All the fungi had died off by the time the second sample had been taken at the 6 hour interval. (The FDA standard to pass this test requires that the level of fungi drops to a min. 1,000 colonies/ml by the end of the month.)

3. Mold - 97% of the mold were killed within the first 60 seconds. All mold was killed within 24 hours. Trace amounts were detected during the following weeks. (To pass this test, the level of mold was allowed to remain 1,000,000 colonies/ml as long as the product does not allow the mold to increase. The product need not kill mold.)




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