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Organic Orange TKO

100% Organic
Environmentally Friendly

Orange TKO is a citrus cleaner/degreaser made from the peel of the orange. It is an emulsifier which contains no synthetic chemicals, petroleum distillates, or detergents. It is also 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic. Orange TKO comes as a concentrate which can be diluted with water to handle the toughest industrial cleaning problems, but is safe enough to use in the home, around children and animals.

Industrially, Orange TKO can be used for cleaning grease, oil, tar, adhesives, or caulking, as well as numerous other cleaning applications. It is non-corrosive, leaves no residue, and is safe for employees to work with.

In the home, Orange TKO can be used for all of your cleaning applications. It is very effective for stains and odors in carpets and laundry.

Points to Remember

1) Always add TKO to water. It mixes better than if you add the water to TKO. Shake before each use. TKO turns white when mixed with water.
2) As a concentrate, Orange TKO is very economical.
3) Always allow time for TKO to emulsify the stain.
4) Orange TKO is not a poison. However, if excessive amounts are taken, drink large quantities of water and consult a physician. In case of allergic reactions, use rubber gloves and masks. Avoid eye contact - flush with water.
5) Orange TKO does do the job. If you do not achieve the desired results, repeat the application, or call for technical advice at 1-800-995-2463

The use of Orange TKO is limited only by your imagination! The following instructions are guidelines only, and dilution may be modified for your own purposes.

The basic mixes are:
Mist- 1/2 ounce per gallon of water
Light- 1 ounce per gallon of water
General- 2 ounces per gallon of water
Strong- 10-20 ounces per gallon of water

If mixing in a 24oz spray bottle:

Mist- 1/2 tsp.

Light- 1 tsp.

General- 1-2 tbsp.

Strong- 4-8 tbsp.

Do not use concentrated TKO on plastics, fiberglass, or plexiglass. Diluted TKO may be used safely.

Instructions for Use:

Home Use







Safety and Environmental Concerns

Home Use

- Windows, mirrors, appliances, chandeliers, dusting furniture, chrome, stainless steel... Anything you want to shine!

- If windows and mirrors streak, solution is too strong. Add more water.


- Walls, floors, silk plants, countertops, cupboards... Anything that needs a light cleaning!

- Use in carpet cleaner instead of shampoo - there are no soap suds to clean up, and it leaves no residue in your carpet! Always pre-mix.

- Use in your garden and on your pets.

- Use on indoor plants.Use light mix only on your house plants!

- Cleans jewelry, but do not use on cosmetic jewelry or glued on medallions.


- Stains in carpets, fabrics, upholstery (more details later), kitchen grease, bathtubs, showers, sinks, venetian blinds... Anywhere you need a powerful general purpose cleaner.

- For stains on arborite, bathtubs, sinks, or any other hard surface, allow time to emulsify and put some baking soda on your cloth before rubbing off.


Ovens, tough stains in laundry and carpets, paint brushes and rollers, rust, barbecues, fireplace windows, glue, adhesives, tape residue, scuff marks...


Permanent felt marker, gum, candle and crayon wax.

Caution: Do not use concentrated Orange TKO on plastics, fiberglass, or plexiglas!

Carpet Stains

Spray on general purpose mix, allow 1 - 2 minutes to emulsify and then remove with a damp cloth in a twisting motion so as not to spread the stain. For difficult stains, you may use a strong mix or spray some concentrate on the stain with your general mix.


Warm oven to a maximum of 200 degrees F, turn off and spray with strong mix of Orange TKO. Allow time to emulsify. If necessary, agitate with scouring pad and baking soda. Soak oven racks in tub with 1 - 2 tbsp. of TKO.


Pre-spray stains with general or strong mix. Let sit for 1 - 2 minutes, then wash as usual. For tough stains or heavily soiled clothes, soak overnight in light or general mix. Rub spots to help loosen stains, and then wash as usual in the morning. Do not discard solution for soaking - reuse next time! For extreme laundry problems, soak overnight as above, but add 1 ounce of TKO to the washing machine and repeat agitation cycle.

Toilet Bowl

- Spray concentrate into bowl. Leave sit for 5 minutes to emulsify, then scrub. Leaves a fresh citrus scent.

Unclog Drains:

- Pour concentrate into drain. Allow time to emulsify, then flush with hot water.

Paint Stains

Use strong mix of TKO. Allow 5 minutes to emulsify, then remove with a damp cloth. If necessary, you may add TKO to paint solvents.

Hard Water Stains

Spray on general or strong mix. Let sit 1 - 2 minutes before wiping off. For difficult stains, try adding a little vinegar or put baking soda on your cloth.

Flood and Fire

Spray area with general or strong mix of Orange TKO until smoke and musty odors disappear. Eliminates smoke smell from clothing.

Odor Control

Emulsifies skunk odor and odors from footwear, garbage and diaper pails, smoke, fish, manure, sewer back-ups, pets, sick rooms and vehicles. Spray the odor source directly with general mix. If necessary, spray in the air. Works great just to freshen up a room. Destroys any odor!

Add 1/2 tsp. Orange TKO to the water after your dishwasher starts. Eliminates film on dishes and makes glasses sparkle!


Pet Stains in Carpets
- On fresh urine stains, blot up as much as possible. Spray the area with general purpose mix, and allow 1-2 minutes to emulsify the stain and odour before removing with a damp cloth.
- On old pet stains, spray on a strong mix, or concentrate followed by a spray of water. Allow 1-2 minutes to emulsify the stain and odour. Application may need to be repeated, but Orange TKO WILL remove the stain, and the odour that goes along with it!

Pet Odour Control
For indoor use, light mix should be sufficient. Use general purpose mix outdoors. Spray directly on the odour source, or spray into the air to freshen the room.

Clean Kennels, Cages and Litter Boxes
Spray on general purpose mix, and allow 1-2 minutes to emulsify. Wipe down with a sponge or cloth. Rinse litter boxes with water.

Clean Pet Bedding and Blankets
Add 1-2 ounces of Orange TKO in the washing machine. Cleans and deodorizes.

Clean Dishes
Wipe down with a light mix of Orange TKO.

Horse Stalls and Trailers
Spray on general mix of TKO. Allow to emulsify stains and odours for 5-10 minutes. Rinse area with water.


Organic growers

- Orange TKO is organic.
- Clean lawn mower and machinery with 2-4 oz of TKO per gallon of water.

System flush

D'limonene is an important nutrient within all plants. Use 4 oz of Orange TKO in 45 gallons of water, or 1/2 oz in 5 gallons of water. Foaming will occur to assist in reducing nutrient build up.

Plant nutrients

Add 1 oz of TKO to 45 gallons of water. Foaming naturally occurs to release d'limonene to the plant, which allows the plant to absorb nutrients more freely.


Degrease Motors
Use water hose or pressure washer with water only to wash off loose debris and wet area to be cleaned. While engine is still wet, spray concentrated TKO on entire area. Allow 10-15 minutes to emulsify grease and oil. Rinse area with water from hose or pressure washer. No toxic fumes and no danger to your skin or the vehicle's paint! TKO works well on a cold engine, but works even better if the engine is warm (but not hot).

Use general mix to clean carpets, upholstery and interior panels. Allow time to emulsify on stains. Will remove grease, oil, tar, coffee, etc. from carpets and upholstery. If heavily soiled, textured vinyl may need soft brush to clean thoroughly. Use mist mix for windows. If streaks appear, solution is too strong. Add more water. Makes a great deodorizer!

Remove road tar, grease or oil by spraying concentrate followed by a mist of water. Allow time to emulsify and wipe off. May need to reapply TKO if tar is heavy or has been there a long time.

Remove bugs and tree sap with light mix. Spray on, allow a minute or two to emulsify, and wipe off.

Whitewall tires: Spray general to strong mix on tires, give time to emulsify, then wipe off. May need to use soft brush to help loosen grime.

Chrome shines like new by using mist to light mix.

Oil on Pavement
Spray strong mix on oil stain, or wet it with water and spray concentrate. Allow 5-10 minutes to emulsify. Work stain with old broom to help break up the oil. Hose off with water. This will remove all of the oil from the surface, but if the pavement is particularly porous, and a light stain remains, you may use a carpet cleaning machine with water and TKO instead of shampoo to remove the remaining stain. The carpet cleaner forces the TKO into the pores and sucks it back out, along with the oil.

Ideal to carry a bottle of mist mix while traveling to keep windshield free of bugs!


Recreation Vehicle (RV) Applications

General Cleaning - 100% Natural, All Purpose Cleaner

Use general purpose mix of TKO and water (2 oz. TKO per gallon of water) for general cleaning of interior or exterior of R.V. (Walls, floors, countertops, stove, etc.)

Stain Remover for Carpets and Upholstery

Removes pet stains, food stains, coffee, tea, wine, tar, grease, oil, etc. Two (2)oz/gallon of water works for most. May need to use stronger for tough stains. Spray on and leave sit 1-3 minutes to emulsify, then remove with a damp cloth. May also be used in carpet cleaner - 1-2 oz/gallon of water.

Windows and mirrors

1/2 oz/gallon of water. Use as a mist of TKO for windows and fixtures. If streaks appear, solution is too strong! Add more water. See product sheet for more applications.

Remove Tar

Spray mist of concentrate then a mist of water. Let sit 3 - 5 minutes to emulsify, then wipe off. May need to reapply for old or heavy tar. * Do not spray concentrate on plastic surfaces! Use strong mix of 1 oz TKO in 24 oz spray bottle of water for plastic.

Septic Tank Odor Control

Add 1-2 ounces of TKO to 3 cups of water and pour down toilet. Important: Always use mixed solution! DO NOT PUT CONCENTRATED TKO ON PLASTIC SURFACES! DILUTE WITH WATER FIRST!

Eliminate bad odors and taste in fresh water system

Recommended by Highways Magazine. Mix 5 - 10 oz. of Orange TKO in a gallon of water and put into fresh water holding tank. Always mix with water before pouring into tank - never put concentrated TKO on plastic surfaces! Add approximately 9 more gallons of fresh water. (If you wish to use more water, add TKO so that the mix is 1/2 oz per gallon of water to 1 oz per gallon of water.) Bounce trailer to agitate, then run it through the water system. Don't forget the hot water tap to clean out the water heater. Run about half of it through, then leave it sit for 3 - 5 minutes. Run the remaining mix through the lines. Rinse by adding fresh water to the tank and running it through the lines. If there is any orange odor or taste to the water, it will go away after a couple of rinses. Orange TKO is 100% natural and is not a poison. Do not leave in system for extended periods of time - orange odor and taste may be more difficult to get rid of.

Degrease motors in motorhomes

Pressure wash engine with water to remove loose dirt and grime. While still wet, spray mist of concentrate, or spray strong mix of 10 - 20 oz of TKO per gallon of water over the area to be cleaned. Let sit for 10 minutes to emulsify, then pressure wash off. If build-up is heavy, you may need to do a second application. No harsh odors and no problem with skin contact!

Hydraulic oil spills from mechanical breakdowns

Spray a solution of Orange TKO on the spill of 10-12 oz TKO per gallon of water. Give time to emulsify and wash off with water. No permanent damage is done to the greens or vegetation.

Oil stains on pavement

Mix 1 part TKO to 8-10 parts water. Spray on oil stain, leave sit for 15 minutes, and work stain with an old broom to help loosen the oil. Hose off with water.

Eliminate skunk odor

Spray area with 2 - 6 oz TKO per gallon of water, depending on the severity of the situation. If you know the area that was directly sprayed, spray strong mix of 10 - 20 oz per gallon of water. If possible, rinse with water after allowing to sit for 3 - 5 minutes to emulsify. Eliminates the odor - doesn't just cover it up!

Golf Applications

- Ball washers: Use 1 oz TKO in 5 gallons of water to eliminate odors and gummy build up. Keeps ball washers fresh and clean.
- Golf carts and machinery may be cleaned with general solution. Degrease motors with strong solution.
- Clean stains from shoes and clothing with 2-4 oz per gallon of water. May need to soak in TKO before washing as usual.
- Clubhouse: For stains and odors, use general solution. See home applications for more details.

Marine Applications

- To clean the bilge: Add 2-4 oz of TKO concentrate to the bilge. Allow the wave action to emulsify the oil and grease. Leave in the bilge to biodegrade. When you turn on the motor, you'll get a fresh, clean aroma.
- Use light to general purpose mix to remove docking marks, salt build-up, and for general cleaning of interior and exterior of boats. Great for leather seats inside cabin. Removes carbon and rust (for rust, sprinkle salt on stain after you spray the TKO on). Cleans bird and spider droppings, or sap.
- Caution: Do not use concentrated Orange TKO on fiberglass!
- To clean slop hoses so they can be reused, dilute 1 part TKO to 20 parts water.
- To clean oily water separator filters, dilute 1 part TKO to 10 parts water.

Bicycles, ATV's, Motorcycles, & Snowmobiles

- Use strong mix to remove oil, grease and grime.
- Use general purpose mix for general clean up.

Camping & Fishing:

- Removes fish oil and dried blood.
- Spray tent and sleeping bags and wash utensils.
- Spray cloth with Orange TKO to cover food.
- Keep footwear odor free.


Degreasing Engines and Machinery
Use water hose or pressure washer with water only to wash off loose debris and wet area to be cleaned. While engine is still wet, spray concentrated TKO on entire area. Allow 10 -15 minutes to emulsify grease and oil. Rinse area with water from hose or pressure washer. No toxic fumes and no danger to your skin or the vehicles paint! TKO works well on a cold engine, but works even better if the engine is warm (but not hot). Orange TKO is not corrosive and leaves no residue.

Removing Grain Dust From Machinery
Spray machinery with general mix of Orange TKO. Allow 3 - 5 minutes to emulsify. Spray off with water from hose or pressure washer.

Horse Industry (including Equestrian)
Stalls and Trailers: Spray on general mix of TKO. Allow to emulsify stains and odors for 5 - 10 minutes. Rinse area with water. Eliminates all odors.

Saddles and Tack

Clean with strong mix of Orange TKO. Allow 3 - 5 minutes to emulsify and wipe off. Clean blankets by adding 1 -2 ounces to the wash water. Eliminates odors. Removes stains and odors from clothing, carpets and upholstery.

Hog, Dairy, Livestock and Poultry Industries
May assist in fostering baby animals. If possible, place mother and baby in a small pen. Spray both animals and the pen with general mix. Leave confined until well settled.

Use strong mix for cleaning manure and urine stains and odors. Excellent penetrating abilities on hard-packed manure on walks, penning, and feeders. General to strong mix may be used for general barn cleaning.

Manure Pits

Use 4 -5 ounces per gallon of water to clean flooring and stabling above manure pits. Leave 5 minutes to emulsify then rinse with pressure washer. Also helps to break down sludge buildup in manure pits and gutters.


Use 3 - 5 ounces per gallon of water to clean all stainless steel pipe lines, bulk tanks, and to remove whitewash and fly dirt from pipe lines.


Discourages pecking among ostriches and poultry. Spray all birds in pen with light to general mix of Orange TKO.


Eliminates all odors, including skunk spray. Spray the source of the odor directly. If necessary, spray surrounding area to emulsify residual odors.

Tree Sap

Cleans sap from saw blades, vehicles and clothing with general to strong mix.


Light mix to clean livestock.


Industrial, Commercial & Municipal

The industrial uses for Orange TKO are too broad to list individually. If you are not sure if TKO can be used for your application, contact us, and we will provide whatever information we can relating to your field. Orange TKO is non-corrosive and leaves no residue.

The uses for Orange TKO are limitless, but following are some of the potential areas of use:

- Electrical industry, including electric motors and connectors (used by City of Calgary, Alberta)
- Computers
- Cleaning molds (containers, not organisms) and vats (used by Anheuser - Busch in San Francisco)
- Preparing metals for paint application (used by Twister)
- Cleaning air conditioning fans and duct work (used by Carrier)
- All industrial adhesives (used by Winroc)
- Plumbing industry - caulking, adhesives (used by Westburne)
- Cleaning concrete floors and carpeting
- Removing oils and tars
- All degreasing applications
- Pet stores, animal hospitals, groomers, kennels
- Restaurants
- Hotels, Resorts, Clubs
- Convention centers
- Property management
- Golf courses
- Marine applications
- Oil companies
- Rinks, pools
- Environmental stores
- Printers
- Campgrounds, parks
- Automobile detailing, car wash
- Optometrists
- Hair salons
- Churches, funeral homes
- Dairies, pig farms - numerous farming applications

Safety and Environmental Concerns

Health Issues
Orange TKO has a toxicity rating of >5 gm/kg. This is the lowest classification level of toxicity, making it very safe to use.

Orange TKO does not contain any ingredients listed as carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Orange TKO has been given a rating by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency does not include it on its Chemicals of Regulatory Rules (CORR) list.

It is generally accepted that Orange TKO is degraded in the environment in a relatively short period of time. Orange TKO is a safe, naturally occurring compound with many uses.

Disposal of Orange TKO
Orange TKO does not contain any hazardous ingredients that would render it hazardous for disposal. It should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Orange TKO will not harm sewage treatment organisms, and is actually consumed as food for bacteria.

When mixed with hazardous waste, it must be treated as hazardous and disposed of accordingly.

Container Disposal
Orange TKO containers are recyclable. The residue in empty containers is not hazardous for disposal.

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