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Item# 2231022310 Oreganol Juice of Oregano P73
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Oreganol Juice of Oregano P73

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Tablespoons

Servings per Container: 12

% Daily*

Proprietary Blend:

   Oregano essence

   Spring water




**Daily value not established.


Suggested Use: Take two tablespoons twice daily on an empty stomach or with meals. For additional benefit, hold in mouth as long as possible. Can also be made as a tea


Free of: Chemicals, solvents and additives



Oreganol P73 Juice supports the brain and nervous system as well as the glands. It also supports overall heath, especially during aging.


Oreganol P73 Juice is a water soluble hydrosol rich in hydrophilic nutrients. It is made from the condensed steam of the essential oil of wild oregano herb. It is the oxygen-rich form of oregano, different from the oil, and is the ideal complement to the Oreganol oil.

Oregano juice is highly aromatic extract made from wild oregano growing in high mountains - up to12,000 feet above sea level. This plant concentrates oxygen from the mountain air. This Juice and oxygen mix is what makes Juice of Oregano higher in oxygen content than Oregano Oil. Juice of Oregano is great for the oxygenation of the brain and other internal organs. It gives body optimal strength and energy.


Synthetic oxygen is potentially caustic, but plant oxygen is entirely safe. In today’s world full of pollutants, drinking Juice of Oregano is a perfect way to ingest the amount of oxygen we need.


Oregano Essence has ancient uses. For hundreds of years it has been relied upon as a health booster and disease fighter. It is excellent to stimulate body’s functions, to improve digestion, metabolism and circulation. As a digestive tonic it stimulates digestive juices and regulates the appetite. It can be taken every day for the boost of energy.

From Dr. Cass Igram, author of The Cure is in The Cupboard:

I've found Juice of Oregano to be one of the finest of all natural substances. Juice of Oregano is a highly aromatic extract made from wild oregano. The oregano is entirely wild and grows high in the mountains-up to 12,000 feet above sea level. This means that the wild oregano is an excellent source of natural oxygen, which the plants concentrate from mountain air. In contrast to oil of oregano Juice of Oregano is exceptionally rich in oxygen, because juice and oxygen mix. Remember, oxygen is the most critical nutrient, especially for the brain and other internal organs. That's why I like it both as a physical and mental tonic.


I take Juice of Oregano every day, especially for a boost in energy Take it as a digestive tonic; it really stimulates the digestive juices. I use it both as a digestive aid in case of indigestion as well as for halting spasticity such as irritable bowel or diarrhea.


My favorite use is as a tonic, that is an oxygen tonic. We sorely need oxygen. Now that the earth has been deforested and the atmosphere polluted, we can't get as much oxygen as we need. Here is an easy way to consume natural oxygen, because oregano juice contains a wide variety of substances called "oxygenated compounds." These compounds contain oxygen which occurs naturally from the plants; no synthetic oxygen is added. Synthetic oxygen is potentially caustic, but plant oxygen is entirely safe. So, drinking Juice of Oregano is the perfect way to ingest the oxygen we need.

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