It seems like I'd just be making money off my friends and family. That doesn't seem right.

Like any small business, we have to drive traffic to our store. We'd much rather pay our customers for that traffic than pay for ads... no offense Google

Is this a pyramid scheme or MLM?

Nope, there is no start-up costs, no required purchases (you don't even have to order once from us, just register) and there are no meetings to attend... no offense Amway

Do I stop earning on each referral after 1 year?

Nope, after a referral has been a customer for 1 year, you still earn 1% no matter which level they were on (1-1-1-1)... for the life of our program

You said something above about a check?

At the end of each month we send a check to anyone with more than $250 in their Pay-It-Forward account. The checks are written in $250 increments, so if you have $290 in your PIF account, then you will recieve a check for $250 and $40 will remain in your PIF account.

Can I post my referral code on Twitter or Facebook?

Yes, you can post your referral code on your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Referral codes are not allowed to be posted on "Coupon" sites. Referral codes posted on "Coupon" sites will be changed or terminated.

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