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Salitair Inhaler

Salitair is an easy-to-use, drug-free device that recreates the benefits of Halotherapy - salt air therapy. Also known as Speleotherapy (speleos=cave), the salty air of deep rock salt mines has been used for centuries to ease symptoms of respiratory discomforts. Salitair was designed to recreate a similar microclimate - giving you access to salt mine therapy whenever you need it!

A few minutes of regular daily use can:

• Ease breathing
• Benefit the respiratory system
• Thin mucous and ease expectoration

Do you suffer from:

• Asthma, bronchitis or rhinitis?
• Pollen allergies or other allergies of the respiratory tract?
• Whooping-cough, hay fever, or colds?
• Snoring?
• Respiratory problems caused by smoking?

Clinical Tests prove the effects of Salitair:

• Gives significant improvements in forced expiratory volume.
• Mucous becomes thinner, and hence ease expectoration.
• Night suffocation and coughing is reduced or prevented completely
• Easier breathing.

Salt is the mineral of life!

Have you ever wondered why people living around areas such as the Mediterranean, and other bodies of water high in salt content tend to have healthy skin, few respiratory issues, and overall well-being? SALT! Without salt, we can’t live! In fact, we are partially made of salt as our bodies naturally produce 0.9% of this life mineral.

Benefits of Salt Air Inhalation

The benefits of salt air inhalation therapy were first documented in Poland in the 19th century and the many benefits are well known in continental Europe where they believe that dry micro particles of salt and minerals can treat respiratory ailments such as asthma, allergies, and many other respiratory ailments. There are numerous “salt caves” throughout Europe such as Wieliczka in Poland, Hallein in Austria or Praid in Romania – and even some in California. A spell in the salt mines, once regarded as punishment for dissidents committing offences against the state, is now a high tech treatment center for those with respiratory ailments. The salt mines in the Ukraine and Romania have been transformed into modern luxury clinical centers providing treatment for over 10,000 people per year. Temperature in the mines is steady all year round at 22°c, residents sleep on beds in alcoves carved out of the salt.

What led to the discovery of salt air therapy?

It is a fact that salt miners rarely suffer from tuberculosis or respiratory diseases and it was this discovery that led to the development of speleotherapy - which means to be located in a room or area with a presence of salt crystal rock and to breathe the ionized air.

How does it work?

Rock salt crystals are positioned between the filters inside the refillable Salitair inhaler. As you inhale through the mouthpiece, the moisture of the passing air absorbs microscopic salt particles which permeate through your respiratory system. The humidity in the air is sufficient to enrich the air with minute salt particles when the air passes the salt crystals. Hence a micro-climate of the curative salt mines has been created.

Salitair contains only the finest pure rock salt crystals from the Kladowa Salt Mine in Poland.

What makes Salitair unique?

Salitair consists of a salt chamber, upper and lower filter, mouthpiece and cap. The mouthpiece, which contains the upper filter, is bayonet-fixed to the salt chamber so that it can be removed for cleaning and refilling. Unlike many other “salt pipes” in the marketplace, Salitair is reusable and does not have to be discarded after a certain period of time.

Salitair has many advantages:

• Easy to use
• Easy to clean
• Hygienic
• Refillable
• Practical and durable

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