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Brand: Himalaya     Categories: Organic


Soliga Forest Honey, Organic












Soliga Forest Honey, Organic







Soliga Forest Honey, Organic

Soliga Forest Honey, Organic  8.8  Ounce

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 tbsp. (21g)
Servings Per Container: 12

Calories - 68

Amount per
% Daily*

Total Fat








Total Carbohydrate












*Percent Daily Values are based on the 2000 Calorie Diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Ingredient: Forest Honey

Note: Do not refrigerate. Crystallization of honey is a natural phenomenon. To liquefy, place bottle in warm water.


Himalaya Soliga Forest Honey is CERTIFIED 100% Organic. The USDA and European Union seal on our label is your guarantee that the honey is pure, chemical-free, eco-friendly and natural.

Every stage of honey collection is inspected by the Organic certifying agency to ensure that it is contamination-free.

The honey is Certified Organic by Control Union Certifications.

The ORGANIC SEAL guarantees a lot more than pure honey. It also means-

• The honey is free of pesticides, chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones and genetically modified pollen
• The honey collection process leaves enough honey for the bees and does not harm the forest ecosystem
• There is no chemical contamination within a 2 mile radius. Since Himalaya Soliga Forest Honey is collected from dense tropical evergreen forests, untouched by commercial exploitation, this ‘no-chemicals zone’ extends over a 300 mile radius!!
• The community of honey collectors is paid a fair price in order to help them build better lives for themselves
• We use techniques that sustain the environment and reduce pollution

Click Here to view the Organic Certificate

Himalaya Soliga Forest Honey is 100% organic forest honey made from the nectar of hundreds of forest flowers found in the tropical evergreen forests of South India.

In fact, the BR Hills forest area from which this honey is sourced supports amazingly diverse vegetation. There are over 800 different plant species in this forest and the bees collect honey from about 600 flowering plants!!

Unlike most regular honey, which is sourced from city-bred bees that collect nectar from common or garden plants, Himalaya Soliga Forest Honey is multi-floral forest honey collected from several rare plant species including many medicinal plants.

The bees found in BR Hills are no ordinary bees. They are wild rock bees (Apis Dorsata) that live mostly in and around tropical evergreen forests and cannot be domesticated. They build nests in very tall trees and on steep rocks. The cliffs are so steep that it requires extraordinary courage to climb them and reach the rare colonies built by the rock bees. The nests are huge and yield several kilograms of honey in a single harvest.

Since there is no commercial exploitation of the forests, the area is biodiversity-rich, further enhancing the taste and purity of Himalaya Soliga Forest Honey.






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