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Hello and welcome to the about page for nutritiongeeks.com. I'm Nathan and am the new owner of nutritiongeeks.com as of 9 May 2019. Yes, we sell Herbalife nutritional supplements but there will also be content that will be helpful to your health and even your bank account here on nutritiongeeks.com

Who am I?

I am a 19-year active duty military member and pride myself on treating people with respect and like family. What I will be sharing here on nutritiongeeks.com will be from the heart. If someone contacts me they will be answered within 24 hours.

This website is devoted to assisting people all over the world to increase their knowledge about Herbalife In addition, it is a way to learn the importance of maintaining healthy levels of this master antioxidant.

“People would do better if they knew better” – Jim Rohn

I'm a former member of the United States Army World Class Athlete Program. In addition to that, I've been competing in the sports of track and field, cross-country and road racing since 1992.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Herbalife Business

Nathan is a medical service corps officer and has served on active duty in the Army for over 19 years. He shares over 28 years of knowledge pertaining to exercise physiology, training methodologies and nutrition with his readers. Nathan helps athletes and non-athletes alike each week at his YouTube Channel RunDreamAchieve.

Goals of NutritionGeeks.com

My goal with this website is to make it a resource for anyone interested in sports nutrition, living healthier and happier. The Herbalife product line and business opportunity is open to anyone with interest in living a healthier, happier and wealthier lifestyle. My goal is to help people from all around the world see what the Herbalife opportunity can do for them.

Herbalife is now in 94 countries around the world and has been the worlds no 1 nutrition company since 1980. Would you like to join as a distributor or customer? If so, click on the button below to get started with the Herbalife Nutrition Geeks success team.


Educational Background

B.A. – Physical Education – Malone University (class of 2000)

M.S. – Sport Administration – University of Nortthern Colorado (class of 2004)

MBA –  Purdue University (class of 2020)

DBA –  Doctor of Business Administration – University of Missouri – St. Louis (class of 2023)

Racing History Highlights

2002 New York City Marathon – debut – 2:43:36

2004 Army Ten Miler – 12th place – 51:53

2007 Erie Turkey Trot 10K – 1st place – 31:33

2007 Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – 51:29

California International Marathon (2007) – top American – 4th place – 2:19:35 (2008 USA Olympic Trials qualifying time) (PR)

2007 Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon – 28th place – 1:07:06 (PR)

2007 Fifth Third 25K National Championships -25th place – 1:23:05

2009 Rock n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon – 12th place – 1:11:19

2008 Fifth Third 25K National Championships – 15th place – 1:21:31

2009 California International Marathon – 2:36:28

2010 IMS Arizona Half Marathon – 1st place – 1:09:46

2010 Big Sur Half Marathon – 8th place – 1:08:59

Army Ten Miler (2010) – 51:58 (part of International Team Championship Team)

2010 Das Hustlehoff Oktoberfest 5K – 2nd place – 14:18 (PR)

2010 Green Bay Cellcom Marathon – 12th place – 1:10:43

2011 German Half-Marathon – 2nd place – 1:08:44

Murfeesboro Half Marathon (2011) – 6th place – 1:11:37

2011 Tom King Half Marathon – 4th place – 1:10:40

2011 Monumental Indianapolis Marathon – 5th place – 2:26:42

California International Marathon (2011) – 2:32:24

2013 California International Marathon – 2:32:57

Why Join Herbalife As A Distributor

There are far too many people worrying about the “What If's” about going into business for themselves as a Herbalife distributor. There are far too many hard working, successful and highly educated men and women around the world living paycheck to paycheck. It doesn't have to be this way but only you can make the decision to join.

My goal with this website is to share all of the opportunities you have with Herbalife. I already know how big of an impact it has had on my life and want the same for you. There is nothing more precious than this life, our family and health. Time is precious and is priceless. Never let anyone put a dollar amount on your hourly time. Far too many people already have. Each of us can change but only if we want to.

Nathan finishing in 4th place and top American at the 2007 California International Marathon with a sub-2:20 marathon finish time

Nathan Pennington is Global Expansion Team (GET) distributor. He brings over 28 years of nutritional and athletic performance background to Nutrition Geeks. Nate is a 2.19 marathoner and former member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program and earned a USA Track and Field Olympic Trials “A” standard time while competing. Coach Pennington helps people all over the world leverage their health, time and finances with Herbalife.

Would you like to get started with us? If so, click on the button below. The easy sign up steps are listed to the right of this page as well as on our sign up page at the top of this website. Are you ready to get started with Herbalife? If so, click on the button below to join our winning team.


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