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November 29, 2022

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In May 2018, the Army launched new physical fitness standards for all Soldiers. This is part of an effort to improve combat readiness, decrease non-combat-related operational risk, and increase the performance levels of the force. The new Army Combat Readiness Standards (ACRC) will be implemented by October 2020 as a bi-annual test that measures a soldier’s physical strength, speed, and endurance.

These changes are also in support of the Army’s focus on building an agile force with soldiers who can perform under stress and remain mission ready at all times. So, what do you need to know about this new test? Here’s everything you should know about the ACFT (Army Combat Fitness Test) Standards 2022:

What is the ACFT?

The ACFT is a new, comprehensive test designed to assess a soldier’s functional fitness. Unlike the current APFT, the ACFT will incorporate strength, power, and endurance testing to more accurately measure combat readiness more. Because each of these aspects is tested, the ACFT is a much more comprehensive test than the APFT, which only measures cardiovascular endurance.

The ACFT will consist of three events: A Deadlift, a Standing Power Throw, and a 3-mile run. Deadlift testing will determine the amount of weight a soldier can lift at one time.

The Standing Power Throw will measure a soldier’s explosive hip and leg strength by having them throw a 10-pound medicine ball as far as possible in three attempts. The 3-mile run will be graded on time and will be the same for all soldiers regardless of age, gender or weight.

What are the Standards for the New ACFT?

The Army wants a test that is consistent and replicable for all soldiers. The APFT, which is currently used, has significant limitations that prevent it from being used as an accurate assessment tool. These include high failure rates due to improper testing procedures, age and gender differences in scoring, and the inability to measure strength and power.

The ACFT is designed to address these issues. It is expected to reduce drop-out rates and make the testing experience less stressful. The test is predicted to reduce drop-out rates by increasing the score of soldiers who are borderline. Testing procedures will be standardized and there will not be a failure rate as there is with the APFT. The new test should also reduce the stress level of the testing experience by making it more inclusive and easier to complete.

Is the ACFT for Record 2022?

The ACFT testing procedure will utilize a digital system to record scores and track each soldier’s progress. This system will help standardize testing procedures, provide accurate and reliable results for each soldier, and make it easier for soldiers to track their progress.

The test will be conducted at least every other year and may be conducted quarterly, depending on mission requirements. The ACFT will be administered in a group setting with all soldiers testing at the same time. Testing will occur indoors in a climate-controlled environment.

Soldiers will be required to wear athletic clothing and running shoes. They will not be permitted to wear gloves, wrist wraps, or socks. The Deadlift will be graded on time. The Power Throw will be graded on distance and time.

The running test will be graded on time, but soldiers will be permitted to walk if they are not able to run the entire distance. There will be an overall fitness grade and an ability to perform grade. The overall fitness grade will be based on the following grading scale: Excellent (100), Very Good (90), Good (80), Fair (70), and Poor (60).

Equipment Requirements

The ACFT will require some new equipment, particularly a medicine ball and possibly a special barbell for the Deadlift event. The testing equipment will be provided to all testing facilities, and facilities will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment.

The Army is considering a one-size-fits-all approach to the strength portion of the test, meaning soldiers will not be required to use special barbells or specialized equipment. The ACA will decide if a special barbell is needed and if it will be provided.

The medicine ball will be used as a substitute for the Standing Power Throw. A 10-pound ball is currently being considered and will most likely be provided by the Army. The ball will be standardized with a consistent circumference, surface, and marking system.

How Many People Fail the ACFT?

TRADOC information charts tell that the male fail rate in 2019 was 28%, in relation to 16% in February 2020. Last week, the official site of the US military stated 44% of women are still failing the ACFT, in relation to just 7% of men. The Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) is changing the way the Army evaluates its soldiers.

It is set to become the new standard in 2022, and it's estimated that approximately 10 percent of soldiers may fail the test. This is quite understandable, as The ACFT is designed to be more realistic and challenging than the current physical assessment test, and it is expected to raise the bar for physical fitness in the Army.

The new test will apply to everyone in the Army, regardless of rank, and anyone who fails to pass it will be barred from promotion or other advancement opportunities. So, while the ACFT will undoubtedly be challenging, it is an important step towards ensuring that the Army is composed of fit and capable soldiers.


What Happens if You Fail the ACFT 2022?

If an individual fails the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) in 2022, that individual will be subject to a variety of consequences. Depending on the severity of the failure, the individual may be subject to punitive action such as a reduction in rank or a loss of privileges.

First and foremost, failing the test could result in a soldier being ineligible for promotions, bonuses, and other special assignments. Additionally, failing the ACFT 2022 could result in disciplinary action, including a reduction in rank, loss of pay and allowances, or even separation from the Army. Furthermore, the Army may require a soldier to retake the ACFT and/or take additional physical fitness training to restore their eligibility.

Ultimately, failing the ACFT 2022 could have far-reaching consequences for a soldier's career. The individual may also be required to take corrective measures, such as retaking the ACFT or attending remedial fitness training. If an individual fails the ACFT twice in a row, they may be considered for separation from service. In addition, failing the ACFT will negatively affect an individual's overall fitness score, which is used to determine promotion eligibility.

Failing the ACFT also means that an individual may not be eligible for elite positions within the Army, such as the Special Forces. Therefore, all individuals need to take the ACFT seriously and strive for the highest possible score. With the right training and dedication, soldiers can ensure they pass the ACFT 2022 and protect their military careers.

Can I Get Flagged for Failing ACFT in 2022?

The short answer is yes, you can get flagged for failing the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT). On paper, on-duty soldiers who fail a record ACFT after October 1 will get flagged. Under current Army regulations, all Soldiers must pass the ACFT in order to remain eligible for promotion or reenlistment.

After April 1, 2023, however, on-duty soldiers who have 2 consecutive fails will face the wrath at the discretion of their commanders. If you're unable to pass the ACFT, you may be flagged for Physical Fitness Failure, which can lead to administrative action and long-term consequences. That being said, Soldiers who are unable to pass the ACFT due to injury or illness may request a Physical Profile Serial System (PPSS) profile, which could allow them to remain in service.

However, before you can be approved for a PPSS profile, you must go through a comprehensive medical evaluation and be approved by your chain of command. So, it's important to keep in mind that failing the ACFT means there's a chance you could be flagged. That being said, there are still options available if you're unable to pass the test. So, it's again very important to understand the requirements for your rank and make sure you're prepared for the test.

Is the Leg Tuck Removed from the ACFT?

Yes, the leg tuck has been removed from the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) finally in 2022! This is great news for those of us who struggle with this particular exercise. The leg tuck requires a lot of upper body strength and core stability, and for some, it can be very difficult to complete.

This means that the Army's new physical fitness test is slightly more accessible to a wider range of soldiers. Now that it has been removed, soldiers will be able to focus on other aspects of the test and train for them more effectively. Its removal makes the test fairer and more achievable for all soldiers, regardless of their physical abilities.

The ACFT focused on the six key exercises that we have discussed before – deadlifts, power throws, hand release pushups, standing power throws, sprint/drag/carry, and a two-mile run. Now that the leg tuck has been removed, soldiers can focus their time and energy on improving their performance in the other five exercises. Now that it's gone, the ACFT is a bit more accessible and achievable for all levels of fitness.

So even if you're not a fan of the leg tuck, you can still be excited about the ACFT and the prospect of achieving a great score. This is one significant change that was done in the ACFT standards in 2022. Now let’s look into changes done in the previous year respectively.


2020 Changes

The emphasis on the Deadlift, which is expected to replace the Squat, will be particularly challenging for female soldiers. The current APFT requires a female soldier to regularly Squat 135 pounds to achieve a perfect score. The ACFT Deadlift, on the other hand, requires a female soldier to Deadlift a minimum of 187.5 pounds. This is nearly 100 pounds heavier than what is required of male soldiers.

Female soldiers may feel particularly challenged by the changes in the 2020 testing year. The ACFT will be implemented that year, but testing procedures and policies will remain the same. This means that female soldiers will be required to perform the more challenging Deadlift event while testing procedures require them to Squat.

2021 Changes

The ACFT requirements are expected to change in 2021. The biggest change is expected to be the implementation of a new scoring system. The ACFT will combine the overall fitness and ability to perform grades into one comprehensive score.

The score will be determined by a percentage scale and will be easier to calculate and interpret than the current grading system. This new scoring system will eliminate the need to record the two grades and will result in faster test results. The new test will be implemented in 2021, but testing procedures and policies are expected to remain the same.

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Closing Thoughts

Key Takeaway

The ACFT is a new, more comprehensive test designed to assess a soldier’s functional fitness that was introduced in 2019. Still, in 2022, it’s getting updates to improve its quality even further, which is good all-around for the future of the US military. The ACFT is consisting of three main events out of the 5, with the leg tuck removed: A Deadlift, a Standing Power Throw, and a 3-mile run.

The test will be administered in a group setting with all soldiers testing at the same time. Testing will occur indoors in a climate-controlled environment and will require athletic clothing and running shoes. It’s important to keep an eye on the new ACFT standards as it’s ever-evolving.

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