Best Running Rain Jacket for Athletes

February 26, 2023

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When running in the rain, it is essential to select a jacket that keeps you dry yet allows your body to breathe. Doing this helps avoid overheating.

When purchasing a rain jacket for running, there are several factors to take into account: fit, construction and design. You should also look out for features that will keep you warm while running such as a hood and reflective trim.

Can I Run in a Rain Jacket?

No matter your level of fitness, rain can be a nuisance. Nothing beats getting completely saturated on an ultra-run and the last thing you want is to feel cold and miserable.

The good news is that there are jackets on the market that make running in rain easier. They're lightweight and breathable, featuring key features like adjustable hoods and waist cinches to keep you dry.

Gore-Tex waterproof membranes, such as Gore-Tex, are often attached to an outer shell fabric with an interior layer that wicks moisture away from your skin for comfort during exercise. Though 2-layer and 2.5-layer materials can also be utilized, 3-layer construction is usually the most beneficial.

Shells should not only be waterproof, but breathable as well. This is especially critical when engaged in high output activities like hiking, cycling or backcountry skiing. Shells also help you breathe by providing vents at key places like armpits, chest or back which allow air to escape your body.


Can You Run in a Waterproof Jacket?

Running in the rain or not, a waterproof jacket can keep your body dry and warm. However, make sure it's breathable so sweat can escape through the material so you don't get too hot while exercising.

If you need a lightweight jacket that packs down, look for one with an internal pocket so it can easily be rolled up and stored in your bag. Our top picks also have been designed to serve as an insulating layer beneath another jacket or soft shell when temperatures drop.

Waterproof jackets are typically constructed with Gore-Tex or similar membrane technology, though there are plenty of other brands to choose from as well. Some membranes are more efficient than others while some cost less money – you'll need to determine which works best for your requirements.

A waterproof jacket will typically provide protection from light showers and some heavy downpours, but it cannot stand up to torrential downpours. While you might find water resistant jackets that are more durable, spending money on something that only lasts a few minutes before becoming wet is not worth the risk.


What is Good Jacket for Running?

When purchasing a running rain jacket, there are several factors to take into account: weight, protection and features.

Lightweight water-repellent jackets tend to be lighter and easier to pack away than fully waterproof alternatives, making them ideal for shorter runs when you don't need to carry around a bulky running rain jacket.

For longer runs or races, you'll need a more robust and protective rain jacket that won't sag. Typically, this means finding a jacket with 2.5-layer material that provides weatherproofing, durability, and weight.

Breathable fabric is another essential characteristic for running rain jackets. As your body produces heat while exercising, you need a jacket that allows air to circulate.

Some breathable waterproof jackets feature pit zips and adjustable hems to help vent heat more effectively. You may also want a hood that's easily adjusted and stays put when the wind picks up. Finally, look for reflective detailing which can increase your visibility when running in low light conditions.

What Do You Wear when Running in the Rain?

Running in the rain can be a challenge, but with the right gear and mindset it can actually be quite enjoyable. Plus, it is an excellent chance to get outside and enjoy nature while working towards your fitness goals!

When dressing for hot weather, the first step is to dress according to the temperature. Select clothing that is breathable and allows your body to wick away moisture away from your skin. Avoid cotton shirts and socks since they tend to absorb water.

Next, be sure to select shoes with excellent traction. Since you will be running on wet pavement and trails, your footwear must have the ability to grip surfaces securely.

Don't forget to change into dry clothing after your run! This will keep you warm and help prevent muscle aches, stiffness, and blisters.

Light-colored running shirts or tank tops are also an ideal choice. Those made of synthetic materials, like Dri-Fit, will be more comfortable than cotton varieties and help you stay dry and prevent chafing when running in the rain.


Best Running Jackets for Men

No matter if you're an elite marathon runner or just a casual jogger, having a reliable rain jacket is essential for protecting yourself against the elements. Look for one that is lightweight, waterproof, and breathable so all of your sweat can escape.

Generally, the best running rain jackets are constructed with a 2.5-layer material that offers an optimal combination of weight, weatherproofing, and durability. These materials tend to be synthetic blends designed specifically for running's unique demands.

The North Face's Futurelight jacket is an excellent example: waterproof and highly breathable, its fabric also being stretchy for easy movement even in challenging conditions.

Another crucial consideration is chafe resistance. This is especially crucial for runners, as chafing can be excruciatingly painful and distracting during a run.

For rainy runs, we found that Patagonia's Houdini Air lightweight water-resistant jacket worked best. The soft material can easily tuck away into its zipper chest pocket and ensures you remain dry throughout your run without feeling too hot or uncomfortable.


Best Running Jacket Women's

No matter your level of running experience – from beginning runners to experienced mountain ultra-runners – having the right running rain jacket can make a big difference. It should feel lightweight and breathable while still keeping you dry when taking long runs on local trails.

A great running rain jacket should have features like easy access to your phone, enough room for a hydration pack underneath, and an adjustable hood that doesn't blow away in the wind or collect cold air. Furthermore, avoid wearing a jacket that makes a lot of noise while running in the rain; this could distract you from your run and cause discomfort.

If you're searching for a lightweight waterproof jacket designed specifically for running, Inov-8's Trailshell may be worth considering. While it isn't cheap, it keeps you dry in light showers without weighing down your body or sacrificing breathability. All seams have been taped to prevent water infiltration, while its hood fits securely while running and features reflective accents as well as a popper to secure it when unzipped.

Best Waterproof Running Jacket

If you plan to run in the rain, a waterproof running jacket is an essential piece of gear you should have. Not only does it keep you dry and warm during your workouts, but it's also highly breathable so that you don't get too sweaty during exercise – something we all try to avoid when engaging in outdoor activities.

Waterproof running jackets typically consist of 2.5 or 3 layers of material that shields you from both water and perspiration. The lighter the material, the more breathable it is.

High quality running jackets usually feature taped seams, which help prevent water infiltration through the seams and leakage. Furthermore, taped seams make the jacket stronger and more durable so you can trust it to last through extended runs or multiple days of racing.

Waterproof jackets can be heavy, making them uncomfortably bulky if you're trying to run in cold or damp conditions. Fortunately, there are lightweight alternatives that will keep you dry and comfortable even in less extreme weather conditions.

Is Gore Tex 100% Waterproof?

Gore Tex is the world's most beloved waterproof fabric, used in countless outdoor clothing and footwear products. This durable material ensures your investment lasts long, which is especially essential when investing in an expensive waterproof jacket.

Gore-Tex garments featuring the iconic black label that reads “GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY” are the best available. This means the waterproof, windproof and breathable technology has been integrated into the membrane between textile layers through lamination.

Most Gore Tex garments also feature a durable water repellent (DWR) coating applied to their outer layer, which prevents water from seeping in and soaking into you. While this can help keep you dry, if the DWR wears off, you may still feel damp and clammy even when your jacket isn't leaking.

Gore Tex is made from stretched polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Invented by Bob Gore in 1969, this strong yet lightweight material can repel liquid water while allowing water vapor to pass through it.


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