Ekrin B37 Theragun Review

March 20, 2023

Are you looking for a legitimate theragun and interested in the ekrin b37? Do you need to save some funds paying for massotherapists? If so, Theraguns are definitely a great option. Welcome to Nutrition Geeks. I hope that this post will be of use for you.

The Ekrin B37 Percussion Massager is one of the top-rated massage guns on the market. It can be used for post-workout muscle recovery, injury prevention, powerful healing, pain relief, increased blood flow and more.

It makes an ideal present for fitness enthusiasts who want to accelerate muscle recovery. Furthermore, it helps improve range of motion, reduce muscle pain and maximize mobility.

Is Ekrin B37 TSA Approved?

Ekrin B37 is an ideal choice if you're looking to pamper yourself while on-the-go. It boasts impressive battery life, 15 degree angled handle that's ergonomically correct, and five optimized speeds – perfect for when needing emergency massage! Additionally, its various gadgets include a touchscreen control panel which lets you change sound settings quickly. Furthermore, Ekrin offers top notch warranties as well as helpful customer support teams. This massage aficionado's kit comes complete with top notch warranties and reliable customer support teams too.

In conclusion, Ekrin B37 is an outstanding percussion massager that's worth its price tag. While it may not be cheap, you can rest assured that it will serve you well for many years to come and can easily be taken on vacations or business trips. Plus, its portability allows for convenient portability wherever life takes you – perfect for travelers!

What is the Best Massage Gun in the World?

If you want to elevate your massage therapy, a high-end massage gun is necessary. These devices have been designed with ergonomics in mind and come with various attachments that make using them a breeze.

Many massage guns boast convenience and portability, plus a display that tells when the battery is low and how much power remains. Some even come equipped with a force meter built-into their screen, providing an indication of how much pressure you're applying.

Another essential feature to check for when purchasing a massage gun is whether its handle is designed for easy access to hard-to-reach places. This can have an impact on how well your device performs and how comfortable you feel during each session.

The HoMedics Pro Physio is one of the best massage guns on this list for those who enjoy getting a full-body massage. With six head attachments, including two that use coolness and warmth to target specific aches and pains, this gun provides plenty of options when it comes to massaging sessions.

What's the Best Massage Gun for the Money?

If you're new to the world of massage guns, a lower-end model might be your best bet. This way, you can get familiar with the device and decide if it meets your needs.

When considering percussion massage, the first factor you'll want to take into account is its amplitude (length). This determines how deeply and strongly the vibrations will penetrate into your tissue.

Another factor to consider when selecting a massage gun is its speed range, which indicates how much pressure can be applied. Most masseuses come with preset speeds ranging from 50-100 percussions per minute (PPM), but more premium models allow users to set their own speed – ideal for those new to percussion therapy or looking to customize the session according to individual needs.

Some of the more advanced massage guns also provide Bluetooth connectivity to smartphone apps that customize a personal massage routine based on your health data. Those apps provide guidance on which head attachments to use, how long to massage and how much pressure should be applied.

Ekrin B37 vs Theragun

The Ekrin B37 massage gun is a top choice among users due to its various customization options and long battery life. Plus, its comfortable handle makes it convenient to use throughout the day.

This massager features five speed levels ranging from 1,400 to 3,200 percussions per minute (PPM), plus a battery indicator that tells you how much juice remains. Plus, it's very quiet – which is ideal for those who don't want any disruptions while receiving their massage.

In addition, the Ekrin B37 is ultraportable and can be transported with its accessories in a zippered case. Weighing only 2.2 pounds, it's TSA-approved so you can take it on vacations with you.

It can be used with a range of attachments, such as a fork, ball, cushion and bullet head. Plus it's controlled via an app which makes setting and changing preferences simpler. Ekrin also helps create customized recovery routines by connecting to Apple Health and Google Fit so it learns from your behavior to suggest pre-set exercises after an intense workout or flight.

What's Better than the Theragun?

Although Theragun and Hyperice have long been rivals in the percussion massage gun market, we believe that the Ekrin B37S is superior. It's 30% stronger, features a Reactive Force Sensor, and includes improved massage head attachments for superior results.

The Ekrin B37S is relatively quiet when set to high, even when its volume is set high. It emits only 55 decibels of noise compared to the Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro's 77 and Theragun Elite's 65.

The amplitude of a percussive therapy gun is critical when considering its depth of penetration into your muscle bed. For example, the 365 has an amplitude of 16mm (compared to 12mm on the smallest Theragun), so it should provide plenty of piercing relief without being too painful or irritating.

Another critical factor to consider is stall force. This indicates how much power the gun can handle before slowing or stalling out. Both Theragun Elite and Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro boast premium stall forces of up to 60 pounds, so they should provide decent penetrating relief.

What is the Equivalent to Theragun?

The Ekrin B37 is an impressive percussion massage gun that can rival devices from Theragun and Hypervolt. Beyond the powerful percussions you'd expect from a top-of-the-line device, the Ekrin B37 also includes some thoughtful features.

The B37 stands out with its brushless motor, capable of handling much heavier loads before slowing down. It can handle up to 55 pounds of stall force – almost double the amount of its competitors!

Moreover, the B37 is incredibly quiet. With only 55 decibels of noise generated, it makes an ideal choice for gym locker rooms or other locations where you don't want your percussion massage device making too much of a racket.

The Ekrin B37 boasts a top-tier battery that provides up to five hours of continuous usage after just one charge – more than any comparable device on the market. Furthermore, its quick charge feature makes adding more juice easier when your sessions run low on power easier than ever before.

How Many Decibels is the Ekrin B37?

The Ekrin B37 is one of the quietest massage guns available, with noise output ranging between 35-55 decibels. This low sound level makes it perfect for use in a locker room or while watching TV.

In addition to being one of the quietest, this massage gun boasts an impressive stall force. Plus, with 5 speed settings, you can customize your treatment intensity and target muscles that need extra attention.

Furthermore, this massager comes with four interchangeable attachments to customize your session: the flat attachment for general treatment, bullet attachment for pinpointing tight areas like hands and feet, and round foam ball for targeting large muscle groups.

The Ekrin B37 also features a reactive force meter, which helps you regulate how much pressure is applied to your body during percussive treatments. The meter illuminates blue in sections so you can clearly see how much force is being applied to muscles.

Ekrin Massage Gun

The Ekrin B37 massage gun is an excellent option for those seeking top-of-the-line design and build quality. It boasts numerous features to promote muscle recovery and pain relief, such as its powerful percussion massager, six head attachments, and ergonomic handle.

It features five speed settings and power levels that let you control the pressure applied to your muscles. These are designed for deeper massage on sore muscles, reduced muscle spasms, and improved blood flow.

For just a few minutes a day, using the Ekrin B37 can aid in muscle recovery and pain relief, increase range of motion and mobility, loosen stiff muscles, and promote overall muscle health. It's ideal for athletes or bodybuilders who require deep percussive force to target hard-to-reach muscles.

The B37 massage gun features a 15-degree handle that allows for less wrist extension and fits comfortably in your hand, unlike many other models with their standard “T” shape. Furthermore, the B37 boasts more power than many of its rivals on the market.

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