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Are you seeking how to an herbalife canada member or distributor? If you are, it already tells me you think:

  • there is more to life than paying bills and being taxed
  • you are tired of trading life for a paycheck
  • Your interest in fitness and nutrition is high
  • you are seeking an additional income stream
  • you’re seeking more leverage over your time, health and finances
  • you are a Canadian focused on using healthier products
  • Herbalife is an interest of yours and you’re seeking to learn more.

The path on how to become a herbalife canada member or distributor is rather easy. All that matters is you have the desire and focus.

herbalife canada

You already know this isn’t a pyramid scheme. In addition to that, you know the only way you are paid is if you move product.

I commend you for seeking to better your life as well as helping others to provide more leverage over theirs.

How To Join The Canada Herbalife Team

The first thing to keep in mind is this.

All new herbalife canada members or distributors need to sign up under a sponsor.

A sponsor is a current herbalife distributor. For example, I signed up under a distributor I didn’t even know from Miami, Florida. As far as I was concerned the man or woman could have been from Africa, Australia or Canada. It didn’t matter to me.

That being said, when you sign up to be a canadian herbalife member or distributor you want to have your sponsors ID number and first three letters of their last name.

Below is the information you will need and I will be your sponsor. The process to sign up is easy. Simply click the button below and use the information provided on the second button when signing up. The best option is to write the information down first, then click the sign up button below.

The Step-by-Step Video To Become a Canadian Herbalife Member or Distributor

I wanted to make the process as easy as possible for my visitors. So, I created a video which also covers the step by step process on how to get started with us.

I will be your sponsor. I’ve been interested in fitness and nutrition my entire life. Furthermore, I’m a 2:19 marathoner and have been competing at the national to international level for the past 28 years.

My goal is to help people here in Canada not only live a healthier lifestyle but also to gain leverage over their time and finances. We have incredible products some of which are our delicious herbalife shakes and weight gain products, among others.

That being said, not everyone wants to sign up as a distributor. Can you earn additional residual income from doing so? Yes. You may just want to use the products and if that is the case you want to sign up as a member.

Canadian herbalife members enjoy significant discounts on products (25 percent and up to 50 percent off). Additionally, the same benefits go for new herbalife canada distributors.

Herbalife canada distributors simply get to earn income from sells that are made from members or fellow distributors who sign up under them.

So, here is the video I created that will walk you through the steps.

Remember, all new herbalife members and distributors must sign up under another distributor.

The distributor serves as the new sponsor or distributors sponsor. Make sure to use the information in the second button below when signing up.

If you have interest in signing up as a member or as a herbalife canada distributor click the button below to join the nutritiongeeks team.