Hoka Carbon X 2 Review and Benefits

March 20, 2023

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The HOKA Carbon X 2 is an ultra lightweight, maximalist running shoe designed with ultra marathoner Jim Walmsley in mind.

This shoe is the ideal choice for any long-distance racer or trainer. It will provide you with a fast, energetic ride while keeping your feet protected.

Is HOKA Carbon X2 Good for Running?

If you're searching for a versatile shoe to use during training or racing, the Hoka Carbon X2 might be your ideal pick. Its patented Carbon plate makes it ideal for running long distances, while its soft ride makes it suitable for everyday use as well.

The shoe's midsole is a dual-density ProFly rig that sandwiches a carbon plate beneath softer CMEVA foam. While not as soft or bouncier as some of the brand's other shoes, this model still provides adequate support and an enjoyable ride. My hope with this Hoka carbon x 2 review is that it will help you to see the benefits of Hoka shoes.

Another significant upgrade from v1 is the sculpted heel, which decouples the heel landing zone for a more natural, softer strike. We've never seen this design on any other Hoka shoe and it makes the Carbon X2 more comfortable for everyday use.

The shoe's breathable engineered mesh and high-set tab add to its performance feel, making it easier to put on and secure during runs – an impressive feature of the X2, which often feels like it wants to run with you instead of you trying to keep up.

Can the HOKA Carbon X Be Used as a Daily Trainer?

The Hoka Carbon X 2 is an ideal shoe for running long distances and ultras. Additionally, marathoners seeking a fast, lightweight trainer should consider this shoe as well.

It's essential to note that the HOKA Carbon X 2 is heavier than other shoes in its class. For example, the Saucony Endorphin Pro or Brooks Hyperion Elite. Of course, this weight may not be an issue for some runners. That being said, it makes it difficult to recommend using the Carbon X 2 as a daily trainer.

The Hoka Carbon X 2 is a racing shoe that incorporates a cushioned midsole with an innovative carbon plate. This combination provides you with the bouncy, propellant feel of running without damaging your feet.

How Long Do HOKA Carbon X Shoes Last?

The Hoka Carbon X 2 is an ideal shoe for runners who like to push themselves. This racing shoe can be used in anything from 5K races up to ultra marathon distances – perfect for any distance. An additional reason for this Hoka carbon x 2 review is to state that these shoes are built to last.

Triathletes transitioning from cycling to running should find this shoe ideal. It provides extra support and cushioning so you can maintain your race pace comfortably.

However, some testers found the shoe to be too loose-fitting for comfort. This could be an issue for runners with narrow feet or those who frequently run short distances.

Some testers reported an issue with the lacing on these shoes coming undone when running quickly. While this shouldn't be a major concern for most runners, it could pose one for some individuals.

The upper of the Carbon X 2 features a thin and breathable mesh similar to that of the Mach 2. It may feel stiff out of the box, but softens considerably after several runs.

What is the Difference Between Carbon X and Carbon X2

For lightweight and efficient carbon plate shoes, the Hoka Carbon X 2 is one of the top choices available. It boasts a softer midsole foam than its predecessor as well as an improved fit for added comfort.

The X2 has an improved heel tab design. Gone is the pull tab which could cause discomfort to your heels. So, now there's an elf-ear style design anatomically flush with your Achilles tendon.

This upgrade to the X1 shoe makes it much simpler to put on. In addition, runners will appreciate its sculpted heel which decouples the heel landing zone for a more natural ride.

In addition, the X2 offers more stability than its predecessor due to its wide midsole base. Furthermore, it's more energy-efficient and smoother in motion.

The Carbon X is one of the most stable carbon plate shoes on the market. In addition, is ideal for running fast intervals. The shoe may not be as comfortable or supportive as its rival. That being said, the Rocket X shoe may still be suitable for intermediate runners. Also, those looking for a stable shoe when racing.

Hoka Carbon X 2 vs Carbon X 3

Hoka Carbon X 2 is an elite performance road shoe featuring a carbon plated plate for superior grip on any surface. Perfect as either an all-around race day shoe or daily trainer, the Hoka Carbon X 2 delivers unmatched comfort and support throughout your workouts.

Hoka Carbon X 2 has been upgraded with ProFly X, a supercritical foam that provides greater responsiveness and bounce than compression moulded EVA.

It is also a lighter foam, providing better cushioning. While not as soft or responsive as supersoft PU foam, it is still significantly more responsive than other standard foam midsoles.

The Carbon X 3 offers a knit upper that's more accommodating for various foot shapes compared to its predecessor, the Carbon X 2. Additionally, this model uses a softer midsole compound designed to reduce impact during long runs.

The Carbon X 3 is an ideal shoe choice for runners looking to try out a plated running shoe. It is durable, comfortable, and provides various paces suitable for marathons or longer distance races.

Hoka Carbon X 3 Review

Hoka's Carbon Plated Racer/Trainer, the X3, has become a fixture on podiums at some of the world's most competitive races. The third generation Carbon X features an updated performance knit upper as well as ProFly X supercritical foam midsole compound for more responsive cushioning.

The new energized foam midsole is an excellent addition to the X3, providing more bounce and a slightly softer feel than its predecessor's midsole. The knit upper feels sock like, making it ideal for long runs with good lockdown at the toe box.

The Carbon X 3 features a rubberized EVA outsole that is durable and grippier on dry roads, though it may not be ideal for runners seeking increased traction in wet or snowy conditions.

How Many Miles Do Hoka Carbon X3 Last?

The Hoka Carbon X3 is an elite running shoe designed for long distances and up-tempo training. It boasts a full-length carbon plate and hyper-responsive foam that propel you forward.

This upper is made of knit material and offers a sock-like fit to cradle your feet. Similar to the HOKA Bondi, this design is both comfortable and long-lasting.

This iteration utilizes super critical foam instead of standard EVA for more responsive cushioning and less weight, as well as a slightly softer feel than its predecessor.

The midsole is constructed with ProFly X, a supercritical foam that combines lightness and bounce for more responsive cushioning than standard EVA. This technology has been utilized in trainers and racers from Skechers, Brooks and New Balance but this marks the first time it's seen in an Hoka shoe. Additionally, Hoka uses carbon plate and meta-rocker components for an unbeatable high-performance ride.

Is HOKA Carbon X Good for a Marathon?

At first, Hoka's Carbon X shoe seemed promising but we weren't sure if it could handle longer distances. With its race-day shoe label, we weren't sure what to make of it – could this shoe really deliver on its promise? Ultimately, however, we were won over by its performance capabilities and were excited by what lay ahead for them.

Hoka made small improvements to their shoe, turning it into a versatile ultramarathon racer and trainer. The latest version, Carbon X3, retains the same overall shape and midsole but features an updated upper and different supercritical foam compound.

This upper is constructed from breathable engineered mesh with reinforced stitching for support on the foot, as well as a heel tab loop large enough for double knotting or runners' loop. Furthermore, the tongue of this running shoe is wider than most others which gives it added grip when placed on your feet.

Hoka Early Stage Meta-Rocker offers a propulsive fulcrum effect when you heel strike, according to Matthew Head, Ph.D. He also notes that this minimizes deceleration and maximizes acceleration.

It also features a'spring' sensation when you push off with your forefoot. This makes it an ideal long run shoe, helping to provide underfoot feel and maintain smooth strides. I hope that this Hoka carbon x 2 review has been helpful to you.

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