Hoka Clifton 8 Womens Running Shoe Tips

March 11, 2023

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The Hoka Clifton 8 is a neutral shoe designed for comfort and agility. These 15% lighter shoes boast an extended crash pad at the heel for added durability. Thus, making them ideal for transition-friendly midsoles.

These shoes are made with only 100% vegan materials. In addition, feature a soft, breathable engineered mesh upper with plush gusseted tongue for easy on/off access. Crafted to last with easy slip-on design, these shoes offer maximum comfort throughout your day.

What Are Clifton 8 Hokas Best For?

Are you in search of a soft, cushioned running shoe that won't break the bank? If so, Hoka Clifton 8 Womens are an excellent option. Remember, these trainers lightweight and comfortable for easy training runs. Also, have enough support to keep you running smoothly during longer races.

The Clifton 8 offers a smooth and cushioned ride with minimal impact to your feet. While not as cushioned as some of Hokas' other models, the Clifton 8 provides ample flex underfoot.

Overpronators will appreciate the support that the Clifton 8 offers. Hoka's Active Foot Frame (AFF) helps support your midfoot. Thus, encouraging it to sit snugly inside the shoe like a bucket seat.

The shoe keeps your foot secure is the padded tongue. In addition, helps prevent chafing and adds extra support to the shoe. Some runners may appreciate long laces that provide room to tighten down on the upper.


Is Clifton 8 Good for Walking?

The Hoka Clifton 8 is an ideal shoe for walking, whether you're an experienced walker or just starting out. This neutral runner accommodates a range of foot shapes and arch heights with its padded tongue and long laces to provide personalized fit.

Reviewers appreciate the engineered mesh upper, which feels softer and premium without compromising durability or breathability. The breathable design helps keep your feet cool and dry while extra padding along the heel collar prevents chafing during longer runs.

Many reviewers praised the Clifton 8's breathable design as one of its key benefits. With a foam composition that's 15% lighter and more responsive than before, this model makes for an ideal option for daily workouts or moderate-to-long distance walks on your feet.

Hoka refers to their cushioning as a “balanced cushion”, meaning there's enough give in the midsole to provide responsiveness or bounce with each step but not so much that you can't handle light runs and recovery sessions. Furthermore, Hoka's forefoot is slightly less cushioned than other parts of their product range, allowing you to pick up the pace if you're looking for easy miles.

Hoka Brand

Hoka, founded in France, has quickly become a force in running footwear. Their shoes are lightweight and incredibly comfortable – perfect for all types of runners!

They feature a wide toe box, which is beneficial for people with wider feet. This provides for a secure fit and may reduce the risk of bunions or other foot conditions.

Many podiatrists recommend them to their patients due to their supportive and cushioned qualities. Plus, the company offers a 90-day Perfect Fit Promise so you can try out their shoes before making a purchase.

Hoka shoes were initially popular with ultramarathon runners, but have since gained widespread appeal. They sponsor numerous athletes around the world including some of the best ultrarunners. Furthermore, Hoka promotes women empowerment and inclusivity as an industry leader.

Is Clifton 7 or 8 Better?

The Clifton 8 is the newest edition of Hoka's beloved Clifton series. These lightweight, cushioned shoes can be used for everyday training as well as long distance running, making them perfect for all terrains.

These shoes are similar to their predecessors in many respects, yet there are a few key distinctions that could make them more desirable for some runners. Most notably, the upper fit has been altered.

Though the upper still features plenty of large openings throughout, it is more quilted and snug than before. This helps give runners a secure feeling within the shoe and prevents their foot from sliding around too much while running.

This shoe also has more padding in the tongue than its predecessor, helping keep it from sliding and making it simpler to put on and take off after runs.

Both the Clifton 7 and 8 feature Hoka's Meta-Rocker design to reduce impact on your feet while you run. Both shoes also boast a thick Ortholite insole for extra step-in comfort and cushioning for your feet.

Are Hoka Clifton 8 Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Hoka Clifton shoes have long been a go-to for lightweight cushioned trainers. With the Clifton 8, Hoka has enhanced the original by adding ultralight midsole foam that gives you an even softer ride than before. Plus they added extra rubber at the bottom of the shoe which helps make it less susceptible to wear after several miles of usage.

The Clifton 8 is an ideal shoe choice for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, as it provides significant heel cushioning to protect the foot from impact. Furthermore, its meta-rocker bottom helps reduce foot fatigue and promote healing by decreasing friction on sensitive areas.

These shoes feature a high-quality rubber outsole that provides grip on both soft and hard surfaces. Furthermore, this outsole is resistant to abrasions and can last up to 500 miles.

Though the Clifton 8 may not be ideal for everyone, those with plantar fasciitis who need an affordable shoe that keeps them running comfortably should consider Hokas. Many podiatrists recommend Hokas due to their supportive, cushioned fit.


Hoka Clifton 8 Women's Wide Fit

The Hoka Clifton 8 Women's Wide Fit is a comfortable, breathable running shoe designed to help you enjoy every step of your workout. Crafted with engineered mesh upper, plush tongue and molded EVA sockliner for extra comfort, these shoes ensure all-day wear.

The midsole is constructed with compression-molded EVA foam for responsiveness and give with each step. Additionally, it reduces impact to allow you to focus on running without feeling any strain on your feet.

The Clifton 8 boasts more cushion than previous models, making it a great choice for daily trainers that will handle consistent mileage. Unfortunately, speedy runners who require more energy to power through workouts may find other options more suitable.

Are Clifton 8 Good for Wide Feet?

If you're in search of a luxurious daily trainer at an unbeatable price point, Hoka Clifton 8 Womens are an excellent choice. These fan-favorite shoes have been updated with an improved midsole foam composition, redesigned silhouette, and lightweight engineered mesh upper for improved responsiveness and light weight.

These updates make them more comfortable and durable for long runs and recovery runs. Despite their light weight, they still feature the iconic Meta-Rocker sole and gusseted tongue design that first made them popular.

The Clifton 8 features a new EVA foam midsole that is 15% lighter than its predecessor and an extended heel crash pad to provide even more cushioning for an improved running experience. Plus, this updated design boasts a breathable engineered mesh upper and soft padded tongue. A refined pull tab and reinforced outsole reinforcements increase durability even further; making the Clifton 8 an ideal everyday training shoe.

What is the Widest Shoe Fitting for Ladies?

If your feet are wide, it's essential to invest in shoes that fit them comfortably. Fortunately, most people can fit into normal width shoe fittings (‘B' for women and ‘D' for men).

Narrow shoes are usually labeled with either “A” for ladies and “B” for men. As the letter sizes get smaller in the ‘A' category, these shoes become even narrower.

Shoes with more “E”s tend to be wider, so 2E and 4E are considered “Wide” for men and “Extra Wide” for women.

Another way to determine shoe width is by measuring around your widest part of foot with a fabric tape measure while standing on your feet. This measurement will be used in a shoe size chart to identify your widest width.

Most of our customers with wide feet have fan shaped feet that don't taper in at the arch area, making finding shoes that fit well a challenge. But we offer some stylish options tailored specifically for wide feet so you're sure to find your perfect fit. Interested in the Hoka clifton 8 womens running shoes? Click the link below to learn more.


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