Hoka Mach 4 Mens Running Shoe Review

March 20, 2023

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If you're searching for a neutral performance shoe that can handle everything from uptempo workouts to long distance runs, the Hoka Mach 4 is an ideal option. It boasts an improved upper, PROFLY midsole and rubberized EVA outsole that make it both affordable and versatile enough for anyone wanting to take their running to the next level.

What Are Mach 4 Hokas Good For?

The Hoka Mach 4 Men's is an everyday shoe designed for running, training and racing. These lightweight, bouncy shoes boast ProFly foam in the midsole, rubberized EVA outsole and early-stage Meta-Rocker tech to deliver a snappy ride for speedwork or longer distances.

The ProFly foam in the midsole combines with a firmer rubberized foam layer for an incredibly cushioned and responsive ride. The outsole is composed of rubberized foam with flex grooves and cutouts to provide a seamless transition between heel strike and toe off while also adding flexibility to your forefoot.

Another key component of the Mach 4's comfort is its engineered mesh upper. This lightweight and breathable material slides on easily, accommodating a variety of foot shapes.

Overpronators will appreciate the redesigned upper and refined collar shape. It reduces pressure on the Achilles tendon and allows customization with different lacing techniques. Although slightly narrower than other Hoka shoes, runners still find this shoe comfortable and snug.

How Many Miles Do Hoka Mach 4 Last?

Running enthusiasts seeking a lightweight neutral daily trainer should consider the Hoka Mach 4. This shoe provides superior cushioning for its weight, plus its PROFLY midsole ensures lasting comfort.

The Mach 4's soft midsole offers a welcome change from the firm feel of its predecessor, the Mach 3. Its dual density design creates a cushioned top layer of foam and stiffer lower one for added support.

Many runners complained that the Mach 3 was too stiff, making it hard to run on. HOKA responded by improving this feature in their new model: Mach 4.

This model's upper is slightly wider than that of the Mach 3, though it still lacks a wide toe box. As such, it may be ideal for runners with narrow feet–especially those who have sensitive pinky toes–who prefer this type of fit.

Our testers loved how comfortable the upper was, noting it felt airy but not too warm. They appreciated its soft and breathable engineered mesh material. Furthermore, this soft upper fits true to size with its stretchy laces making lace up easy even with tightnesses.

Is the Hoka Mach 4 a Daily Trainer?

The Hoka Mach 4 Mens is an ideal daily trainer for those seeking a shoe that can handle various mileage. It's lightweight and soft enough for long runs, yet has enough firmness in the midsole and outsole to handle fast paced training sessions.

The Mach 4 utilizes a PROFLY foam midsole that is plush and responsive. It also boasts an early-stage Meta-Rocker design and swallowtail heel for an exhilarating ride that propels runners from toe off to finish line in record time.

This model features a heat-pressed TPU embroidered yarn design that fits more securely and comfortably than its predecessor. Furthermore, its updated upper is breathable and lightweight for added comfort.

Its outsole is composed of rubberized EVA foam, saving weight without sacrificing grip. This setup also helps runners transition more quickly from heel to toe – an invaluable advantage for everyday use. Furthermore, the outsole features flex grooves which keep runners connected to the ground as they run, encouraging an efficient and smooth gait cycle.

What are Hoka Mach Good For?

The Hoka Mach 4 Mens is the ideal performance trainer for anyone seeking a lightweight, cushioned road running shoe that can handle long runs and tempo sessions. It also works great as speed work footwear or those seeking soft yet responsive riding on pavement.

The Mach 4 leverages a dual density midsole for cushioning and responsiveness. Hoka's ProFly technology, featuring softer foam under the heel and firmer foam under the forefoot, is featured here too.

This shoe also offers an Early Stage Meta-Rocker to facilitate the transition from heel strike to toe-off. Furthermore, its relatively deep flex grooves throughout ensure stability when running on various surfaces.

The only drawback is that these shoes lack blown rubber on the outsole, saving weight at the expense of grip. Therefore, it may not be ideal for wet weather or non-paved trails.

HOKA Mach 5 Men's

The Hoka Mach 5 is the latest version of one of our top performance trainers, the Mach 4. It takes all that runners loved about its predecessor with an improved upper and midsole for even greater daily versatility.

The Mach 5 boasts a lightweight, responsive, and comfortable upper that can withstand intense activity. The midsole is constructed using PROFLY+ foam combined with rubberized EVA for an uplifting ride experience.

It also boasts a low stack height to reduce weight and add cushioning. A rubberized EVA outsole helps ensure an even softness upon landing for added comfort.

The HOKA Mach 5 is an ideal daily trainer, suitable for all types of running – from fast-paced races to interval workouts. Runners will appreciate its combination of comfort and performance as they log miles, experiencing flight with every step.

Do Hokas Mach 5 Run Big?

One year ago, HOKA took the performance training shoe category by storm with their Mach 4, and what runners loved about that shoe is still shining bright in the new Mach 5.

The Mach 5 maintains all the great attributes that made the Mach 4 so popular, such as its lightweight design, rockered performance and optimal cushioning for speed. The only major change is a slightly softer version of Pro Fly+ in the midsole – yet you still get that lively feel and bounce.

For daily workouts, the Mach 5 is ideal. It's responsive for fast days, cushioned enough for long runs, and comfortable enough for easy sessions – all at an unbeatably reasonable price point.

The fit is secure, and athletes with wide feet will appreciate the roomy toe box. Furthermore, the upper is surprisingly flexible which helps reduce lace pressure and makes for comfortable all day wear.

Hoka Mach 5 Stack Height

If you're searching for a versatile shoe to get you running faster and longer without breaking the bank, the Hoka Mach 5 is an ideal option. It's lightweight with plenty of stack underfoot for efficient performance and stability.

The Hoka Mach 5 features a straightforward midsole setup with Hoka's ProFly+ foam as the top layer and rubberized EVA foam at the base for protection and durability. This combination produces a squishy yet springy toe-off and lively ride that is highly responsive.

Runners adore the smooth ride of the Mach 5's stacked midsole, offering a bouncy ride at any pace. It makes an ideal daily trainer for long runs at any tempo as well as shorter intervals.

The Hoka Mach 5 boasts a low stack height (29mm at the heel) and is one of the lightest daily training shoes available. Compared to its rivals, it's much more comfortable. The only downside is that it lacks grip on wet pavement, though that is only an issue of minor importance.

Which Hoka Shoe Makes You Tallest?

Though the Hoka Mach 4 doesn't boast many new innovations, it is an exceptional running shoe. It boasts high-tech features like a meta-rocker design with low heel-toe drop and rounded sole shape to accommodate natural stride patterns, as well as Active Foot Frame which cradles your foot within the shoe's midsole.

Established in 2009 by French trail runners Nicolas Mermoud and Jean-Luc Diard, Hoka began as a small, shoestring budget business but quickly rose to become one of the leading names in American running footwear. Today its products can be seen on feet of elite athletes competing in major marathons, Ironman triathlons, and ultra-distance races around the world – proof that its success can't be ignored!

Hoka is best-known for its flagship high-tech running shoes, but the brand also produces performance apparel and gear. Its signature shoe, the Speedgoat, was created by Utah ultrarunner Karl Meltzer who has won five Hardrock 100s and nine other races since this model hit stores. Additionally, Hoka is responsible for other technological breakthroughs like its proFly dual-density cushioning system. I hope this post on Hoka mach 4 mens running shoes has been of assistance to you.

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