How Long is Army Basic Training

September 3, 2022

Are you wondering how long is army basic training? If so, welcome to Nutrition Geeks. I am glad to see you have made it here. I served over 20 years in the US Army on active duty. So, experienced first hand what Army basic training was like. I also know there are a lot of civilians seeking to join the Army or are considering doing so. Army boot camp was 9 weeks when I went in 2002. I enlisted into the Army on 7 February 2002 and retired on 1 March 2022. You will be tested at basic training. Remember, it is all a mind game.

The role of the drill sergeant is to challenge and test you. Also, to break you down in the beginning as a civilian-trainee and build you up as a US Soldier. It isn't meant to be easy. I come from an athletic background and mentor/coach runners here at and You will only obtain being superior cardiovascular endurance by training at speeds faster than you aim to run at.

I recently created a new resource for Soldiers called the Army ACFT Embrace the Suck 2 mile running course. It is meant to help Soldiers who those seeking to join the military to run faster over the 2 mile distance. I have run 9:27 for 2 miles, 14:18 for 5K and 2:19:35 for the marathon. In addition, served with the US Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) headquartered at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado. So, I understand what it takes to run fast. More importantly, how to get other athletes to do the same.

Is Basic Training 7 Days a Week?

Yes. There is nothing easy about basic training. Of course, if you go into it in superior shape the experience will be better for you. If you go in unprepared expect to be seriously challenge. Thus, the reason I call this new running course the Embrace the Suck 2 mile course. People seeking how long is Army basic training already tells me they are seeking excellence. Perhaps they are tired of the mundane civilian lifestyle and want to do something challenging. Do you have a strong desire to follow in your family's footsteps that serviced in uniform? If so, serving in the US Army is a way to carry on the tradition. The military is what you make of it and there are numerous benefits to serving.

MAJ (ret.) Pennington finishing as the top American and in 4th place at the 2007 California International Marathon in 2:19:35 (5:19 per mile for 26.2 miles)

There are many people who join the Army for various reasons. Perhaps you want to pay off student loan debt, get in better shape or travel the world. I always told Soldiers to make the most of their Army career. You will be taken out of your comfort zone joining the Army. Basic training is a very busy 9 weeks. Furthermore, you will be running on very little sleep especially during the first 5 to 6 weeks. Of course, as the training goes on the drill sergeants will slowly give you more privileges back. So, later on army basic training becomes somewhat more relaxed. For example, in the last 2 weeks.


What Do You Sleep in at Basic Training?

You will sleep in a large dormitory with other Soldier-trainees. Again, you will sleep approximately 5 to 6 hours per night in basic training. Of course, this also depends on the company you are a part of as well. The basic training staff are always present during your boot camp experience. You should expect it to be very demanding in the initial weeks of basic training. It was not uncommon when I went to basic training to be woken up by an aluminum trash can being flung across the floor.

Lights will turn on immediately and you had best be quick to wake up. The reason I created the new Army ACFT Embrace the Suck 2 mile course is to better prepare service members for boot camp. Of course, the main goal with the course is to help you score higher on your 2 mile run. That being said, to be as prepared as possible for basic training you want to be in great aerobic shape going in. You will undergo the Army combat fitness test (ACFT) at basic training. Again, how long is army basic training? 9 weeks. So, you want to make sure you go in, in the best possible shape.

You will be running between 5 to 6 days a week. You will have weekend chores to do and the drill sergeants can get very creative when it comes to this. Yes, there is still training that is conducted even on the weekends. You may get a couple hours of freedom on Sunday before the next week of training starts. So, enjoy the little time freedom you are given.

Do You Get Paid During Basic Training?

Yes. You will be paid based on the rank you enlist at. You will be on active duty status while you attend basic training. Of course, there are many Soldiers who join as a Reservist (part-time), National Guard (also part-time) and active duty (full-time). I spent my entire 20 year career on active duty. So, I was paid on the 1st and 15th of each month. Reservists and Guardsman will get paid on active duty status while attending basic training. You will then move onto Advanced Individual Training or AIT as we call it in the military.

AIT is where you will learn your specific military occupational speciality (MOS). For example, I attended AIT at Fort Lee. I joined as a Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) and did my training there. Once you complete you AIT training you will then be assigned to your first duty location. Active duty Soldiers are given orders to one of our active duty military bases. Reservists and Guardsman will be assigned to their unit based in their state.

Army Basic Training Running Requirements

My top recommendation is to sped 4 to 8 weeks running easy, aerobic mileage prior to reporting to basic training. The drill sergeants will have you running everywhere. There will be numerous, mundane, boring, mandatory formations you will be in daily. The better your aerobic and anaerobic shape is going in the better of an experience you will have. I built the new Army ACFT Embrace the Suck 2 mile course to teach you everything I was taught. In addition, to share with you the fundamentals 3 of the world's top distance running coaches taught to me.

I see far too many military members as well as civilians trying to rush their fitness. For example, you don't start doing tempo runs or speed training until you have built your mileage foundation. The new army acft score calculator will tell you what time you need to run based on your age. Remember, you need to score at least 60 points in each of the 6 events in order to pass. The 2 mile run is the last of the 6 events. So, this course is a must have for any currently serving Soldier or to-be Soldier.

Closing Thoughts

Would you like to keep in touch? If so, make sure to subscribe to the RunDreamAchieve YouTube channel. You will find helpful videos there on how to run faster from the mile to the marathon. Perhaps you have as a goal to run the Army 10 miler or Marine Corps marathon. I aim to create 2 to 3 new videos there weekly. In fact, much of what I have already taught has helped numerous runners set new personal bests.

How often are you training mentally for your 2 mile? The vast majority of runners pay little to no attention to this. The world-class runners I have lived and trained with focus both on mental as well as physical preparation. In fact, I credit mental training to helping me lower my 10 mile PR from 55:32 to 50:54. Also, my 5K from 15:19 to 14:18. I was also able to lower my marathon PR from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35 using the tactics I teach in the new Army ACFT 2 mile course.

So, start spending 10 minutes daily mentally rehearsing. Also, see yourself passing people, running relaxed and getting across the finish line with your goal time on the click. Remember, you are training the subconscious mind just as you train the heart when you are doing your workouts. I look forward to interviewing you after you complete this course. Make sure to click the green button below to learn more about the course. How long is army basic training? 9 weeks. Make the best of it and ensure you are in the best possible physical and mental fitness as you can be. I can promise you that this course will ensure that you are.


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