How to Buy Herbalife Products Online in India

March 27, 2020

How to buy Herbalife products online in India is the same throughout the world. The process is fairly simple. You will need to sign up under a sponsor. For example, I signed up under my sponsor who I didn't even know. He was here in the united States of America but had he or she been in India I would have signed up there.

It didn't matter to me where my sponsor was from. All I cared about at the time was earning the lifetime 25 percent discount on all my future Herbalife product purchases. I knew I could not get that type of discount had I tried to order my products via Amazon or elsewhere. My reasoning was to order directly from Herbalife.

I would get the best possible discounts well as the additional benefits of being an Herbalife distributor. The price to sign up as a customer is only 2417.17 Indian rupees. In addition, this is a one-time investment where Herbalife will send you a product pack filled with product samples and other helpful information. There is an annual membership fee of only 1121 rupees. So, the benefits far outweigh the small up front costs.

It is easy to get started. Click on the button below. Remember, all nw Herbalife customers and distributors need to sign up under a sponsor. A sponsor is simply a Herbalife distributor. You'll need to input the first three letters of your sponsors last name and ID. You can also visit our Sign Up page to see a more visual process of how to sign up.


India Herbalife Business Opportunity

How much does it cost to sign up as a Herbalife distributor? The good news is the price is only 7262.84 Indian rupees. In addition, this is a one-time investment. Herbalife is unlike other multi-level marketing companies that require you to maintain an auto-ship. Auto-ship is simply having your products shipped to your home each month.

Herbalife does not require its distributors to have to have a specific amount of product points in order to earn commissions. That being said, you can either earn hobby money or you can earn life-changing income. The choice is yours. It makes logical sense to have Herbalife products on hand for yourself and to share with other people.

You can start, stop or cancel your auto-ship at anytime. The same goes for customers. Herbalife customers are not paid for sharing Herbalife products with others. That being said, do receive a lifetime 25 percent discount on all future Herbalife product purchases. In addition, they can earn up to a 42 percent discount on their products depending upon their level of consumption.

Indian Herbalife Home Based Business Opportunity

Are you seeking to start your own Herbalife home based business in India? If so, you may want to sign up as a Herbalife distributor. You'll enjoy all of the benefit of a Herbalife customer but earn residual income well. Remember, the more people that you bring onto your team either as a distributor or as a customer the higher your income potential. Is it worth it? Of course it is. Are you an employee? Well, you know the only way your are paid is if you trade your time for money. Employees work for linear income.

The problem with linear income is the moment you cannot work or get sick is the moment your paycheck stops coming in. Herbalife distributors earn residual income. Income that continues to come in for having worked hard once. How to earn this form of income is not taught in our school systems. The free enterprise system allows for ordinary men and women to be able to generate extraordinary income.

Closing Thoughts

That is the good news. Here is the bad news. It takes work. Remember, money is not going to fall on your lap. There are 1.6 billion people in India. You have an unlimited amount of people you can impact right there in your own country. Keep in mind, Herbalife is also in 97 other countries around the world. The process is the same.

Yes, you may be seeking how to buy Herbalife products online in India but so is everyone else in their own respective countries. So, are you ready to get started with Herbalife? Click on the button below. Remember, all new Herbalife distributors and customers must sign up under a sponsor. You'll need to input the first three letters of your sponsors last name and ID.

You can reference the easy, step by step process listed to the right of this post to sign up. Lastly, you can also click on “Sign Up” in the upper navigation which will also walk you through the process. We are glad that you are here and are excited to welcome you to the Herbalife Nutrition Geeks success team.


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