New Balance 550 Running Shoe Review

March 11, 2023

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The New Balance 550 is a popular shoe among sneakerheads and fashionistas alike. Crafted from high-quality materials, this classic low-top basketball sneaker provides superior comfort and durability.

The 550 is back in fashion after its initial release in 1989. Designed specifically for basketball players, the shoe comes in various colours and can be worn for many different occasions due to its classic aesthetic.

Why is the New Balance 550 So Popular?

Over the past two years, New Balance has experienced an extraordinary surge in popularity. They've become a major force within fashion due to collaborations with names like Kith and Joe Freshgoods.

Collaborations with these partners are always sought-after, but general releases also attract an impressive following – the 550 being no exception.

In late 2020, this silhouette made a comeback and quickly gained notoriety thanks to several high-profile collaborations. Notable celebrities including Hailey Bieber, Emily Ratajkowski and Laura Harrier have all worn them with pride.

Teddy Santis first imagined the 550 as a budget-friendly hoop shoe from the 1980s, but it wasn't until he came across it in an old Japanese sneaker catalog that he realized he wanted to bring it back.

He and the team at New Balance worked diligently to reimagine the original, bringing it up to date with modern performance standards. It was then released in a series of general release colorways which sold out almost immediately upon release.

The 550 is an example of New Balance's attempt to break away from the resell market and reach mainstream appeal. They've done this by teaming up with streetwear brands, allowing these collaborators to add their unique touch on sneakers they release.


Is the New Balance 550 a Limited Edition?

The New Balance 550 has quickly become one of the world's most beloved sneakers. With its classic aesthetic and cutting-edge technology – such as a cushioned midsole – it provides comfort and stability without sacrificing style.

It was first released in 1989 and features a low top construction with smooth leather upper. It features the model number ‘550' embroided at the forefoot as well as Nike's signature “N” logo on the midfoot.

Years ago, the 550 received a major upgrade thanks to designer Teddy Santis' collaboration. Released under his label Aime Leon Dore, it quickly became an instant favorite among sneakerheads.

After the success of this collaboration, the 550 has maintained its popularity on the market. It comes in various colorways such as Team Red and Classic Royal Blue and is currently selling quickly.

Since relaunching in 2020, the 550 has won over sneaker enthusiasts worldwide with high-end collabs and classic in-line colorways. The latest iterations from Aime Leon Dore and New Balance boast a premium white leather upper with accents of purple, olive or brown on the ankle collar as well as the co-branded tongue tag.

Will New Balance 550 come Back in Stock?

The New Balance 550 has quickly become one of the world's most beloved sneakers. Boasting an array of materials and vibrant colorways, the 550 is perfect for a variety of events.

However, the New Balance 550 can be hard to come by in stock. That is why it's essential to know when they will return in stock so you can grab them before they sell out. Newer models like the 840 are even more worthwhile.

Restocks of the New Balance 550 can be tracked via their website or social media accounts. Many retailers will send out email notifications and post updates when a restock is scheduled. This way, you'll never miss out on when this popular shoe will be back in stock!

Since 2020, the New Balance 550 has seen a meteoric rise in popularity due to high-profile collabs and limited availability. Celebrities and Tiktok fashion influencers were quick to get their hands on this model, fueling its meteoric rise. Fortunately, demand for these sneakers is slowly decreasing; if you're still interested in picking up a pair, here are some tips on getting them on your feet!

Should I Size Up or Down for New Balance 550?

If you're searching for a retro basketball shoe with an adaptable aesthetic, the New Balance 550 is one of your best bets. Originally released in 1989 as a performance basketball sneaker, this model has since become highly sought-after on the sneaker scene due to its nostalgic vibes.

As with most New Balance sneakers, 550s run true to size. However, if you prefer a snug 1-to-1 fit, consider going down half a size from your usual Nike or Adidas size.

New Balance shoes are designed to fit comfortably right out of the box, so no breaking in is required. However, if you're between sizes, you may need to adjust for a better fit using socks, insoles and lacing patterns.

The 550 fits narrow across the bridge of your foot, yet it feels surprisingly light on feet thanks to Ortholite insole which offers arch support and reduces heat buildup.

The New Balance 550 is ideal for casual wear, particularly when paired with jeans or trousers. It also works great as a high-impact workout shoe due to its lightweight design and cushioning which will keep your feet comfortable and supported throughout the day.

Do 550s Run Big?

Have you been following the sneaker scene lately, you may have come across the New Balance 550. After 31 years, this classic shoe is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Boston-based brand Reimagined the 550 in 2020 and it quickly became one of their most beloved releases. Reimagined with collaborations from Aime Leon Dore and Teddy Santis, its classic style has seen unprecedented success within basketball sneaker circles.

To determine if a New Balance 550 fits you properly, measure your foot length and width. If they are narrow, consider going up half a size from your usual New Balance size.

Another factor to consider when purchasing the 550 is its material composition. Unlike many other shoes available on the market, these sneakers aren't made with pigskin leather; rather they use synthetic materials.

However, they don't feel as plushy as some other styles. Nonetheless, they feature an Ortholite insole designed to reduce heat buildup, keep your feet comfortable, and provide long-lasting cushioning – essential if you plan on wearing the 550 daily.

When Did New Balance 550 Come Out?

In 1989, New Balance released the New Balance 550 as a low-top alternative to their popular basketball shoes, the 650 and 480. Like those shoes, it featured smooth leather uppers with a padded mid-top collar for comfort.

The 550 was more comfortable than the 650, yet not quite as conducive to actual on-court performance. Ultimately, however, the 550 was quickly forgotten in favor of other flashier sneakers from Nike and Converse.

In 2020, New Balance revived the model with a series of collabs and general release retros that quickly sold out. One such collaboration was with Aime Leon Dore (ALD) founder Teddy Santis, who brought his cool aesthetic to the 550's preppy cream designs and navy, buttermilk, and sky-blue colorways.

Next, New Balance brought in legendary sports agent Rich Paul to collaborate on another 550 model. His collegiate-inspired pair featured cream uppers with buttermilk, sky-blue and navy accents – and both collaborations were met with enthusiastic approval from both fans and athletes alike!

Is New Balance Making a Comeback?

Established in 1906, New Balance started off selling arch supports and other accessories to improve shoe fit. Over time they expanded into manufacturing sneakers and other athletic products; by the 1980s they had become a global brand.

New Balance had become a go-to brand for fashion forward trends like chunky dad shoes and sportswear collaborations, boasting an impressive presence in high fashion sectors as well as celebrity endorsements from numerous stars.

One of the key ingredients in New Balance's recent success has been their focus on collaborations. This includes numerous meaningful collaborations with some of fashion's premier labels.

The brand has prioritized cultivating long-term ambassadors, rather than relying on famous faces, which helps make their products more authentic and relevant to real life fans. Furthermore, they've collaborated closely with key tastemakers such as Amine and Jack Harlow who both share a genuine connection to both the brand and its values.

When Did the nb550 Release?

The New Balance 550 is one of the brand's iconic sneakers, having been around since 1989 and designed by Steven Smith. Initially released as a basketball shoe, it didn't immediately gain popularity at that time. However, due to recent success, this shoe is now one of New Balance's most beloved models.

In 2020, New Balance joined forces with Aime Leon Dore and re-released the 550 to great acclaim. Since then, many colorways of this iconic shoe have become available on shelves worldwide.

NB continues to release new iterations of their iconic 550 sneaks, including this mint green variant set to release soon. Constructed with white leather and accenting minty pastel green throughout the upper, these kicks boast an eye-catching white leather base.

New Balance typically focuses on running shoes, but has recently returned the 550 to their design catalog as a way of “flexing that other arm.” The sneaker's simple yet adaptable aesthetic appeals to many types of footwear and will likely continue seeing updates over time as consumer preferences shift.

The 550 has become one of New Balance's most sought-after shoes in recent years, and its appeal will likely only increase as more people recognize its timeless aesthetic. What sets this sneaker apart from others is that it's more affordable and accessible than some of its contemporaries.


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