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March 11, 2023

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The On Cloud series is a popular shoe series designed specifically for running. They boast CloudTec, an impact-absorbing pod system in the sole that helps absorb impact and maximizes energy return for an enhanced ride.

Established in 2010 by Swiss Ironman triathlete Olivier Bernhard, On Cloud sports footwear has gained worldwide traction among runners. Here we'll examine what makes these shoes special and what they can be beneficial for.

What is Special About On Cloud Shoes?

On is a running brand that prioritizes features for runners. Their Cloud shoes are lightweight, cushioned, and designed to protect your feet from the rigors of everyday life on the road.

On also places great importance on sustainability, with many of their materials made with recycled content. This is an admirable initiative for any runner who cares about their impact on the Earth.

The On Cloud 5 is an ideal all-around shoe for everyday use, boasting a lightweight feel and easy slip on/off design that make them popular among triathletes.

This shoe has garnered plenty of positive reviews on Amazon, so you should be able to find them for an affordable price online. While they make for good training shoes, they may not be comfortable enough for long runs.

The On Cloud trainers offer a firm takeoff, cushioned landing and responsive ride that adapts to any foot strike style. Their extra-thick CloudTec units provide impressive protection while the Speedboard midsole adds energy return for a soft yet springy feel that feels lively and forgiving.


Are on Clouds Good for Your Feet?

On Cloud Shoes are the perfect solution for anyone searching for a supportive, comfortable, lightweight shoe with an attractive appearance. They come in various styles, colors, and designs to meet your requirements and preferences.

On's Cloudtec technology utilizes pods underfoot that collapse during landings and pop back up when taking-off, giving your feet the sensation of floating on air while providing plenty of cushion. They also utilize Helion foam – a combination of EVA and Olefin Block CoPolymers (OBCs) – for an ultra smooth ride while still feeling supportive enough for longer distances.

The Cloud 5 is a lightweight and stylish running shoe ideal for everyday wear, workouts and travel. Its speed lacing system is an impressive feature as it eliminates the need to tighten or loosen laces as you run, helping reduce heel slip issues.

However, this shoe is not designed for training purposes and may not be durable enough to withstand long-term outdoor runs or training. Its Cloudtec midsole compresses easily, impacting your balance and ability to ground yourself firmly on the ground; so if this applies to you, limit your mileage on this pair of shoes.

What Country is On Cloud Shoes From?

Established in 2010, On Cloud shoes quickly became one of the top shoe brands in Switzerland. Initially launched as a running shoe brand, they quickly gained an avid following among runners across Europe.

Olivier Bernhard, David Alleman and Caspar Coppetti designed their shoe with comfort in mind; as a result it quickly gained traction among runners and casual walkers around the globe.

The company is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland and has offices around the globe. Additionally, they employ an international team of scientists and technicians.

As part of their sustainability vision, On seeks to cultivate long-term relationships with each supplier. On provides detailed portraits of each supplier on their website, providing customers with insight into both their production process and environmental impact.

Their footwear is composed of both domestic and imported premium lightweight materials, with most production taking place in Vietnam – a leading footwear producer that produces nearly eight hundred million pairs annually, making it the third largest footwear producer worldwide.

Are On Clouds Really Comfortable?

On Cloud shoes are renowned for their lightweight design and responsive cushioning provided by the company's Cloudtech midsole. Furthermore, these shoes boast excellent durability and longevity.

However, they may not be as comfortable as you think. Therefore, it's essential that you purchase a pair that fits well.

These will guarantee your feet remain in the proper position during runs and workouts. Furthermore, the shoes should be breathable to allow moisture to escape.

The On Cloud 5 is an excellent example of this. The upper construction is soft and lightweight, while its quick-tie laces ensure a secure fit.

It's an ideal shoe for tempo runs, strength training and HIIT workouts. Additionally, these shoes can be worn casually for everyday wear; making them comfortable enough to take on long walks or evening strolls in comfort.

On Cloud X

On is renowned for its innovative running shoes, but their new Cloud X cross training sneakers aim to revolutionize how you workout. These sneakers can accommodate various training styles such as HIIT and weightlifting to CrossFit and short sprints.

The Cloud Xs are comfortable to wear and don't feel overstuffed with extra cushioning. Furthermore, their lightness means you won't experience cumbersome or heavy feelings if you're wearing them for extended distances.

CloudTec technology is at the core of these shoes' performance, offering soft landings, powerful takeoffs and increased energy return with every step.

Speedboard technology from On, which reduces sink on strike and increases strides at toe-off, plays an integral role in providing responsiveness. It's this constant give/return action that makes these shoes incredibly receptive to all your movements – no matter how powerful you may be.


What are Cloud X Shoes Good For?

The Cloud X shoes are ideal for running remixed training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), mixed sports, gym sessions and workout classes. They're also an excellent choice for shorter runs or any day-to-day hybrid exercise regimen.

They're remarkably lightweight and flexible, which allows them to keep up with punishing paces. Plus, their superfoam doesn't give off a bouncy or marshmallowy sensation like Nike's ZoomX foam does; rather, it feels smoother and more consistent.

Another outstanding feature of these shoes is their soft, seamless upper, which offers plenty of support for those with flat feet – especially beneficial those suffering from plantar fasciitis.

This shoe is significantly lighter than other On stability shoes, making it a great option for those who require extra support without sacrificing speed. The midsole is filled with Helion-based CloudTec units while a molded heel clip and stability tube offer additional support.

Are On Cloud X Good for Standing All Day?

Are you searching for shoes that will keep your feet comfortable while standing? On Cloud X Shoes may be just what you need. These footwear is designed with various levels of support and boasts a CloudTec sole designed to reduce muscle fatigue.

These shoes boast a breathable mesh upper with strategically layered areas and ventilated areas in the toe box. Furthermore, their fast lacing system makes them great for those who spend a lot of time on their feet as it makes getting on and taking off easy.

The On Cloud X is a popular cross-training shoe from On, designed as an all-around trainer. This shoe provides stability during various training situations due to its wide midsole.

Both the On Cloud X and On Cloud 5 are well built with similar outsole constructions. Both feature rubber tread patterns on their forefoot and heel which give them greater traction on different surfaces. However, the On Cloud X features a thicker rubber tread on its outsole which helps it perform better and grip better in various conditions.

On Running Brand

On is a young Swiss brand revolutionizing running footwear. Their shoes utilize cutting-edge technologies like their patented CloudTec(r), giving runners the best of both worlds – comfort and performance.

CloudTec(r) system is a revolutionary multi-directional cushioning system designed to respond to runners' individual movements. CloudTec(r) pods compress horizontally and vertically, absorbing impact force while simultaneously expanding to push you off the ground faster and stronger than standard running shoes can do.

They also help combat your body's tendency to overpronate, helping you maintain a steady stride and boost efficiency. Studies have even shown that runners who wear On shoes run faster and recover quicker.

The On Running line offers a vast selection of styles and colors to meet all runners' needs. Plus, their easy-entry speed-lace system makes them perfect for beginners or those just beginning their running journey. Furthermore, these shoes are light yet highly supportive with antimicrobial mesh breathable uppers that keep your feet cool and dry.


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