Pit Viper Sunglasses Review and Tips

March 20, 2023

Are you interested in finding out more details about pit viper sunglasses? Do you live an active lifestyle and need some legitimate shades to wear during your training outdoors? If so, welcome to Nutrition Geeks. I hope that this post will be helpful to you.

Pit Viper Sunglasses are a top choice among extreme sport enthusiasts. Crafted with premium materials, these sunglasses will last long-term.

Established in 2012, this Salt Lake City-based company manufactures eyewear products. Their mission is to design glasses that can withstand the rigors of sports activities. Also, parties and more while remaining stylish at the same time.

What is So Special About Pit Viper Sunglasses?

When it comes to sunglasses, there are plenty of choices available. But one brand stands out above all others: Pit Viper. Here's why:

They advertise themselves as a lifestyle brand. Thus, encouraging customers to get the most out of their sunglasses when skiing, playing sports or taking in nature.

Their sunglasses are strong and reliable, making them suitable for any sport or activity. Furthermore, they come in an array of colors and styles so you can find one that complements your personal style perfectly.

Another great feature is their adjustable arms, making them easy to customize and fit your face perfectly. Pivoting just behind the hinge, there are five positions where you can customize where they sit on your face.

Polarized lenses are another feature that sets these sunglasses apart, providing 100% UV protection and relieving eye strain by blocking horizontal light waves.

These shoes are built to withstand the most challenging activities, like high-speed cycling and other sports requiring extreme movements. Plus, they feature anti-slip nose pads and rubber earpads for added comfort.

Are Pit Vipers Worth the Money?

If you're in search of high-quality sunglasses to keep your eyes protected, Pit Viper is the brand for you. Their sunglasses are built to last and come in various styles that cater to a range of needs.

They're a go-to choice for athletes of all levels, whether they're into running and biking, downhill skiing or heli-skiing, or just relaxing at a beach party or music festival. Their eyewear helps keep you safe on the water if you're doing wakeboarding, kayaking or rafting activities.

One of the coolest features about Pit Viper sunglasses is their adjustability. Most frames offer three points for adjustment, allowing you to alter the height and distance from your face without fear of fogging up the lenses.

You can personalize the look of your sunglasses by changing their arms. Some models feature a turbo adjustment system that lets you adjust the angle of the arms for improved fit.

If you need prescription lenses, the RX insert fits perfectly in any Pit Viper frame. This makes them a great solution for those who have eye issues or difficulty wearing sunglasses with their own prescription lenses.

Are Pit Vipers OSHA Approved?

If you're planning on wearing your sunglasses while at work, then the answer is yes: Pit Viper sunglasses are both OSHA approved and made of high-quality materials. So rest assured knowing that when choosing which sunglasses to purchase for work, the quality is guaranteed!

Chuck Mumford founded his company with a simple idea in mind – sunglasses that could withstand abuse. In 2012, while skiing the Tetons in Wyoming with friends, his expensive but delicate sunglasses broke and left him searching for an upgrade. Since then, Chuck has been developing products to meet customer demands with great success.

So he turned to the internet in search of sunglasses that could take a beating while still looking stylish. What emerged was an unbreakable pair of glasses that could be thrown around, shoved in pockets, run over and smashed without damaging their lenses or frames.

This is an excellent example of how companies can combine eye-catching designs with large scale production and an upbeat marketing approach to create something truly remarkable. What sets these shades apart is their ability to provide adequate eye protection while still looking stylish.

Are Pit Vipers High Quality?

When purchasing sunglasses, quality is of the utmost importance. A reliable brand will be able to withstand harsh environments and provide you with long-lasting spectacles.

Pit Viper sunglasses are renowned for their superior quality and design that can handle the demands of extreme sports activities. Polarized and UV protected, these lenses come in an array of colors and designs to suit any taste or preference.

This brand also offers a stylish line of safety glasses designed for everyday use. Not only are these frames fun and stylish, but they meet all applicable safety regulations as well.

These safety glasses can be worn while engaging in any activity that requires eye protection, such as driving, working, or even playing basketball. These lenses have a wide lens shape to shield your eyes and provide better vision.

The glasses provide several fit options. You can bend the nose piece to ensure a secure fit, plus they feature a non-slip nose pad and arms with hooks on their ends which should help them stay put better on your head.

How Can You Tell if a Pit Viper is Real?

If you want to verify if a Pit Viper is genuine, there are a few things you can look out for. First and foremost, look to see if there's a model number stamped on the inside right side of the frames, near where the rubber cushioned ear rest sits. This will give you assurance that this item has never been stolen or altered in any way.

Second, be sure to inspect the packaging for authenticity. A genuine pair of Pit Viper sunglasses should come in a box that is clearly labeled Pit Viper, along with an official shipping label at the bottom.

Real Pit Viper glasses will feature the exact model number listed on their website. Fake pairs do not have a model number inscribed on the inside right of the frame.

Pit vipers possess a heat-sensing pit organ on the opposite side of their head that they use to detect heat from prey and predators. This distinguishes them from other snakes. Other distinguishing characteristics include retractable fangs, triangular-shaped heads, and one row of subcaudal scales distal to the anal plate.

Can Pit Vipers Stop a Bullet?

Pit Viper is a sunglasses brand founded in 2012 with the mission of making sunglasses that could withstand abuse. Founder Chuck Mumford was inspired to create these tough lenses after skiing around the Tetons during his honeymoon.

Since then, Pit Vipers have become an international phenomenon. From action sports legend Travis Pastrana to social media mullet stars Larry “The Enticer” and hip-hop icon Riff Raff, their sunglasses can be seen on everyone from action sports greats like Michael Jordan.

These sunglasses are the ideal choice for any extreme sport, from snowboarding and ski jumping to rock climbing and mountain biking. Their durable frames can handle hard fall drops as well as snowballs thrown at them, while their ANSI Z87+ polycarbonate lenses resist impacts, chemicals and liquid splashes.

Pit Vipers may appear rugged, but they're designed for comfort with non-slip nose pads and rubber earpads that won't slide off your face. Most Pit Viper sunglasses feature three points of adjustment to ensure a perfect fit, plus their patent-pending turbo adjustment system lets you tilt the lenses closer or farther from your face for optimal glare protection and wind protection.

Can You Wear Pit Vipers in the Military?

Pit Viper sunglasses have become increasingly popular with action sports enthusiasts. These lenses can be worn while engaging in various activities like skiing and snowboarding, biking, or running.

Their sunglasses are engineered for comfort and durability with features like adjustable nose pads, ear pieces, and frames that offer various adjustments. These allow you to position the lenses optimally for wind bucking, light dimming, and more.

They feature polarized options to provide additional protection from UV rays, making them ideal for outdoor activities. Plus, these spectacles come in an array of colors and designs so they're easier to match with clothing and other accessories.

Pit Viper recently unveiled three ballistic-rated sunglass models designed specifically for military personnel. Dubbed BALL-ISTIC Pit Vipers, these glasses come with features requested by service members such as non-mirrored lenses, laser etched logos and anti-slip rubberized frames. Plus, Pit Viper will donate up to 1,200 pairs of these sunglass models with each purchase while supplies last – making them the ideal gift for service members!

Pit Viper Sunglasses Polarized

Polarized lenses offer exceptional clarity, making it simple to see what's around you. Furthermore, their durable construction means you can wear them for extended periods of time without worry about damage or wear and tear.

These lenses come in an array of colors, so you can pick the ones that best reflect your style. Plus, they're covered by a warranty so you can purchase replacement lenses if yours ever become damaged or scratched.

These sunglasses make an excellent addition to any outdoor gear collection. Not only are they affordable and reliable, but they look cool too.

They're easy to keep clean, which is especially important since they get dirty while being used. Plus, these gloves are waterproof!

Fishing or snorkeling with sunglasses is especially beneficial, as you don't want to risk them getting lost in the water. These glasses will keep them out of harm's way while you're actively taking pictures or video with them.

Pit Viper also offers a 45-day return policy, so if you're not satisfied with the product, they will refund your money. However, please keep in mind that you must cover shipping costs for returns.

If you're searching for top-tier sunglasses and clothing accessories, Pit Viper Sunglasses is your go-to brand. This company is one of the top producers and designers of strong, reliable sunglasses.

They cater to an eclectic audience that appreciates sports, partying and hard work. Their products draw in a large number of customers who appreciate their distinctive style and design.

Are Pit Viper Sunglasses Worth It

Pit Viper is an American brand that sells sunglasses and other accessories for sporting activities, parties, etc. They are based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

They strive to create sunglasses that can withstand the rigors of sports and partying while still offering protection from UV rays, dirt and other hazardous elements. Additionally, they offer other accessories like flags, clothing and safety glasses.

This company offers an expansive selection of frames, making it simple to find a pair that matches your style. Plus, they boast an impressive warranty program and are proudly made in the USA.

These polarized lenses reduce glare and shield your eyes from UV rays, offering a range of colors to choose from.

These sunglasses are an ideal choice for those who enjoy outdoor activities but need to protect their eyes. They come in various sizes to accommodate any head size.

Pit Viper is a widely beloved brand that appeals to many individuals. Their bold aesthetic tends to draw in younger consumers, yet the brand offers an array of styles and colors suitable for any taste or preference.

Is Pit Viper a Good Brand?

Are you searching for a brand that produces bold sunglasses? Pit Viper is worth checking out. Their unique style appeals to younger audiences and they're renowned for their durability.

These sunglasses are ideal for any activity or party, keeping your eyes safe while doing it. Plus, they come in an array of styles so there's sure to be something that matches your personal taste.

These products are constructed with top-notch materials, so you can rest assured they'll last. Furthermore, they provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects to guarantee maximum satisfaction.

Another cool feature is the Turbo Adjustment system, which enables you to customize these sunglasses' arms for any head size. There are five positions where the arms can be adjusted on your face and four index positions for length adjustments.

Pit Viper also offers a lifetime warranty on their shades, along with an exclusive video policy that protects customers in case their glasses break due to something that wasn't their fault. So if something goes awry with your purchase, Pit Viper will send you either a replacement pair or discount towards your next purchase – no questions asked!

What Are the Benefits of Pit Vipers?

Pit Viper sunglasses are an ideal choice for outdoor adventurers. Not only are they durable and reliable, but they offer superior protection from UV rays, wind, and debris as well.

They also help prevent eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration, which can result in significant vision loss or even blindness.

Pit Viper sunglasses provide 100% UV protection, unlike other sunglasses which only block out some of the harmful rays. This is essential as too much exposure to direct sunlight can do serious harm to your eyes.

These sunglasses come in an array of colors and sizes so that you can find the ideal pair to meet your needs. Furthermore, they feature a helmet wrap to allow you to customize your glasses even further.

Though they may not be the most affordable sunglasses on the market, their superior quality product makes them worth every penny. Furthermore, these lenses are highly durable and come with an impressive warranty program.

This company is known for their daring designs and devoted fan base that leans towards younger audiences. If you want to stand out from the rest, these stylish ski wear or party apparel options will do the trick.

Can Pit Vipers Stop a Bullet?

Pit Viper sunglasses are an increasingly popular option for those seeking to stand out. Their design balances function and fashion perfectly, making them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts of any taste or age.

They're an effective way to shield your eyes from UV rays. Available in various styles and features like anti-slip rubberized frames and polarized lenses, sunglasses can provide UV protection for up to 100% of the eyes.

Additionally, some models are water-resistant and can be used in the water. Plus, these trendy pieces come in bright colors and retro designs so you'll be the talk of the pool or party!

Pit Vipers have become popular with certain groups, including far-right extremists. But their brand is not without its share of growing pains; one particularly notable instance occurred in January when a pair of the brand's sunglasses was donned by a white nationalist attending an anti-government protest in Washington DC.

The company is making efforts to distance itself from these groups, though this can be challenging. They've even donated money to anti-racism organizations whenever a confirmed racist purchases their sunglasses.

Are Pit Vipers OSHA Approved?

Pit Viper is an e-commerce company that specializes in making indestructible sunglasses. Established in 2012 with the mission of producing lenses that could withstand abuse, Pit Viper was started by Chuck Mumford who needed tough enough glasses for his ski touring trips to the Tetons.

He purchased some used army surplus sunglasses that he believed would be ideal for his new venture. Together with co-founder Chris Garcin, they set out to create a product that could withstand even the roughest outdoor activities.

Chuck and Chris put a lot of thought and love into creating their first pair of sunglasses. They wanted to create something strong yet also fashionable for people to sport.

They desired a pair of sunglasses people could use for everything from cycling to skiing and snowboarding. Furthermore, they wanted the sunglasses to look great and be easy to wear.

Their polarized lenses are designed to minimize glare and shield your eyes from UV rays. Furthermore, they feature Full Turbo Vision, a unique combination of filters that enhances natural colors and clarity.

Can You Wear Pit Vipers in the Military?

In the military, there are strict guidelines on what accessories you may wear. One such regulation states that “faddish or eccentric” sunglasses are strictly forbidden.

Guidelines exist to protect members of the military from exposure to hazardous chemicals or substances. But Pit Viper is defying this rule and making it easier than ever for service members to enjoy wearing sunglasses while on duty.

The brand is releasing three ballistic-rated sunglass models, known as BALL-ISTIC Pit Vipers, designed specifically for military personnel. Additionally, they will donate up to 1,200 pairs of these sunglasses to active and retired service members.

The company provides a 45-day return policy, so if you don't like your sunglasses, you can exchange them for another pair. Just make sure the original packaging and condition are intact when sending back. Moreover, contact customer service to submit a warranty claim; if found to be defective, they'll replace them at no cost.

Are Pit Vipers Scratch Resistant

Pit Viper Sunglasses boast several features designed for extra strength, such as the rubber arm extension which keeps your sunglasses securely in place when you're out and about. Furthermore, there are four adjustable length settings so you can find the ideal fit for any face shape or size.

Lenses in Pit Viper sunglasses are made from either 1.2 mm plastic or 2.2 mm polycarbonate and offer 100% UV protection as well as impact resistance. Certain models in their Grand Prix and Intimidator collections also have side shields to shield your eyes from sunlight and wind.

The frame is made from lightweight titanium, making it incredibly durable and hardwearing – guaranteeing that your sunglasses will remain looking new for years to come!

Pit Viper sunglasses are the ideal choice for anyone who enjoys being active and looks fashionable at the same time. They're ideal for cycling, mountain biking, running, cross country skiing and other outdoor sports; they're even popular beach goers and music festival goers!

Are Pit Vipers Impact Resistant?

Are you in search of sunglasses that provide all the protection and give you a unique style? Pit Viper has plenty of options – they have various styles and lenses so there's sure to be the perfect pair for you!

Pit Vipers are built for strength and durability, so you can feel secure wearing them in any situation. They're ideal for outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers, bikers, and skiers who enjoy strenuous physical activities.

They feature a special adjustment mechanism called the “Turbo Adjustment,” which allows you to angle your sunglasses toward or away from your face for extra protection against wind and glare. This helps shield your eyes from damaging wind-induced rays.

These sunglasses feature a clever design feature that helps prevent them from falling off your face or moving during activity. This sets these sunglasses apart from other performance glasses on the market.

They're also very lightweight, weighing only 26 grams. That makes them one of the lightest pairs available and once adjusted you won't feel too heavy.

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