RunDreamAchieve Reviews

April 9, 2023

I recently applied to be a part of the Amazon Influencer Program and created RunDreamAchieve Reviews. I own both as well as The two websites are focused on fitness and running-related content. That being said, RunDreamAchieve Reviews will be a place where I create short Amazon Shoppable videos about various products.

I was unsure if I would get accepted but was based on my 14.1K (as of the time of this post) YouTube subscribers. As an Amazon Influencer, my role is to share products in all niches.

Would you like to have me review your products that you are selling on Amazon? If so, simply send me a message to the e-mail listed below.

Let me know what your product is about etc. It will be a great way to have an influencer share your product and have the video shown on your Amazon product page.

E-mail: nathan [at] rundreamachieve [dot] com

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