Theraguns Review and Benefits for 2023

March 13, 2023

Are you looking for more in-depth information and details about theraguns? Are you an athlete who aims for top notch massotherapy to require faster? If so, welcome to Nutrition Geeks. I am glad you have made it here and hope this post will be of assistance.

Theraguns are a widely-used massage tool to relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, and pain. In addition, they have numerous physiological advantages like improving flexibility and increasing range of motion.

Theraguns come in a range of models, from the ultraportable Mini to the commercial-grade Pro. No matter which you opt for, here are some things you should know before you purchase.

Is it Worth Getting a Theragun?

Theraguns are handheld power tools popular among athletes and personal trainers. These percussive therapy devices deliver short bursts of pressure. Thus, targeting muscles to promote blood flow in the area, which helps reduce muscle soreness. Also, improving sleep quality, and speed up injury recovery. They can be used before or after workouts to help reduce soreness from exercises. Also, to improve sleep quality, and support muscle recovery after injuries.

They can also be used on your feet if you're suffering from plantar fasciitis. PF is an inflammation of the connective tissue between the heel and toes that helps relieve pain associated with it. Dr Jason Wersland, who invented Theragun, often uses it after a long day of running. Thus, reducing tension and increase circulation in his feet.

Theraguns come in various shapes and sizes. So, you can customize your treatment to target the area you need help with. Their heads range from the Tiny Thumb and Cone attachments for pinpointing specific problems to the Wedge. The wedge targets shoulder blades and IT bands with scraping motions to flush away lactic acid from affected muscles.

What do Theraguns Do?

Theraguns are a type of massage gun that utilizes percussive muscle therapy to relieve aches and pains. They work by sending rapid bursts of pressure through tissue. Thus, reaching deeper than foam rollers or human hands could ever reach.

They are an ideal workout recovery aid that can help treat and relieve muscle soreness. Also, stiffness, inflammation, as well as increase range of motion. Furthermore, they increase blood flow to muscles which in turn increases collagen uptake.

Another advantage of Theraguns is that they can actually improve your sleep quality. According to the brand, Theraguns help activate your “relax” switch in your brain. The switch is the the rest-and-digest part of the nervous system – which may enable faster falling asleep times.

The Theragun offers a selection of attachments to target specific muscles and groups. These include a standard ball head for larger and smaller muscle groups. The Dampener attachment for tender or bony areas, and Wedge attachment for shoulder blades.


Is Theragun Massage Gun Worth It?

A theragun massage gun is an invaluable and effective tool for relieving muscle pain, improving circulation and aiding recovery. Therabody offers several models of this device with percussive technology. Thus, designed to ease aches and pains, increase blood flow and flexibility of movement.

Therabody offers a range of devices from entry-level guns to powerful professional models for sports performance and recovery. While they may be more expensive than their rivals, these top-of-the-line units are well worth it for athletes and other individuals who regularly exercise.

These devices boast a few unique features not found on other models, like an adjustable arm and multiple speed options. This enables you to tailor the speed of your session according to your individual requirements.

Therabody's Theragun Pro is the newest version of their flagship model, 20% quieter and lighter than before. It comes with five speed settings, 16 millimeters of amplitude, and 60 pounds of pressure for improved pressure handling.

Can Theragun Damage Nerves?

Theraguns are a popular massage gun that uses percussive therapy, an approach to pain signal blocking that helps athletes and weekend warriors feel better after exercise. According to its manufacturer, high-frequency percussion blocks pain signals from reaching the brain while increasing circulation to muscles which may reduce soreness from strenuous activity.

A small study suggests that percussive devices may improve range of motion and reduce muscle soreness, but larger studies are needed to confirm these results. If you're uncertain whether Theragun is suitable for you, speak with your doctor first.

When using a Theragun, it is important to exercise caution and not apply too much pressure or use the wrong attachment. Hammering motions can damage muscles and tendons, especially those already injured.

To protect against nerve damage, the best practice is to follow the PRICE method of protection: rest, ice, compression and elevation. If you're uncertain if your muscles have been injured, consult a doctor for an EMG test before using a Theragun or any other percussion instrument.

Theragun Reviews

Theraguns are widely regarded as the pinnacle of massage guns, due to their deep muscle therapy capabilities. This helps alleviate pain and increase range of motion while speeding up recovery after strenuous workouts.

Many users report finding these products easy to use and quick at relieving sore muscles. Even athletes and celebrities have been seen using them.

Fitness enthusiasts looking for something different should consider investing in one of these devices. Not only will they speed up warm-up and recovery times, but also improve posture, sleep quality, range of motion and stretching ability – all of which will help you reach your fitness objectives faster.

For anyone interested in testing out a Theragun, there are various models to choose from. The Theragun Mini is an especially compact version of the device that you can take with you wherever life takes you.

Is Theragun Really Worth It?

Theraguns are an increasingly popular way to relax and reduce pain. Not only can they be used at home for soothing tight muscles and relieving stress, but chiropractors, physical therapists, and personal trainers may also utilize them as a complementary treatment before or after sessions.

A small research study suggests that percussive therapy may be effective at increasing range of motion, relieving muscle soreness and decreasing pain. However, larger studies are necessary to confirm these results.

Contrary to popular belief, Theraguns are not a panacea for muscle pain. Additionally, there can be risks involved with percussive therapy, such as using the wrong attachment or pressing too hard.

Before purchasing a Theragun, it's best to consult with your physician first. This will help ensure the product is safe for use and whether or not it will make an effective addition to your workout regimen.

Therabody offers a comprehensive selection of products, such as massage guns, CBD oils and topicals, compression systems, electric muscle stimulators and foam rollers. Their latest Theragun model is the Pro model designed for professional use; featuring increased stall force, longer battery life with swappable batteries plus wireless charging capabilities.

Who Should Not Use a Theragun?

The Theragun is a handheld percussive therapy device that looks like a gun. Powered by an app and battery, it offers the perfect blend of technology and massage. It can be used on various muscle groups with its various attachments.

According to the company's website, percussion therapy can increase range of motion, prevent muscle soreness and speed up workout recovery. However, it's wise to consult your doctor first before using any percussive therapy device.

It is essential to comprehend that this topic is highly technical, with many types of percussive devices available today. Some are better than others.

Finally, you have to decide what's most important for you. Select a device that meets both your needs and budget. When considering which size device is best suited for you, small or large might be easier to carry around and cost effective. Plus, don't forget about free trial offers that might work perfectly with your lifestyle!

Is it OK to Use Theragun Everyday?

If you're seeking ways to enhance performance and recover, Theraguns may be an effective alternative to stretching, foam rolling and massages. They use percussive therapy – a type of stimulation that involves rapidly striking tender muscle tissue in order to increase blood flow to the targeted area.

Theragun can be used for warming up muscles before an exercise, activating them after a workout and keeping DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) at bay. To maximize its potential, it's recommended to follow a protocol which involves using specific attachments and varying the percussion speed depending on which body part you're targeting.

It is recommended to use Theragun before bed, as it can help activate your “relax” switch in your brain and promote better sleep. Furthermore, regular usage can boost immunity and reduce anxiety levels.

Finding the ideal massage gun on Amazon can be overwhelming with all of the available models available. That is why SPY editors have tested and reviewed various models to identify which one is truly the best for you.

If you're searching for a deep-tissue massager, Theragun Pro is your best bet. It boasts plenty of features and is super silent – though at an hefty price tag.


What are the Disadvantages of Massage Gun?

Massage guns have seen a meteoric rise in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. Their percussive vibrations can help ease muscle soreness after exercise. Also, accelerate recovery from injuries, and enhance circulation. They are perfect for runners and non-athletes alike.

But they can also be harmful if used incorrectly, warns Bradley Wheeldon, PT and MPT at Louisville Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy and clinic director. “Not knowing how to use a massage gun correctly could result in injury,” cautions Wheeldon. “Before using any massage gun at all, make sure you understand its proper use.”

He suggests using the device only on one area for a few minutes at a time, especially if you're dealing with an injury or chronic pain as tissues trying to heal don't respond well to prolonged pressure.

Another disadvantage of massage guns is they may cause muscle strains and sprains. These injuries occur when your muscles are stretched beyond their natural limits or suddenly moved in an unsafe manner.

What Are the Advantages of Massage Gun?

One major advantage of a massage gun is its capacity to stimulate muscles and fascia tissue. This improves flexibility and joint mobility, helping you avoid re-injury. Furthermore, massage guns promote blood circulation within these soft tissues which speeds up recovery from injuries.

Massage guns can also help manage delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). They increase blood flow to muscles, providing recovery-enhancing oxygen and nutrients, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain.

Another advantage of a massage gun is its capacity to break down scar tissues that often cause discomfort. This is especially beneficial for people suffering from fibromyalgia, sciatica, or shin splints.

Before using a massage gun, Sherry recommends consulting your doctor to make sure it's safe for you. According to Sherry, massage guns should not be used by those with deep vein thrombosis, pregnancy or broken skin or bones.

What is So Special About Theragun?

Dr Jason Wersland designed Theragun as a result of his severe back injury, to provide instantaneous muscle relief. These rapid bursts of pressure and vibrations help release knots in muscles while stimulating nerve receptors to improve flexibility, increase blood flow, and reduce stress.

This gun can deliver muscles at up to 2400 percussions per minute (PPM) and comes with six attachments for different body areas. Plus, its supersoft head reduces impact to allow even sore muscles to handle it without feeling like they're being broken.

There's also an app that helps you create and follow a recovery routine after training or competition. It integrates with Apple's HealthKit and Strava to automatically suggest programs based on your workouts.

The Theragun is one of those products that people either love or hate – there are reviews online stating it's not worth it and others praising them. Ultimately, what works for you depends on personal preference and budget.

Who Should Not Use a Theragun?

A percussion massage gun can be an effective tool to help ease pain and increase range of motion. However, you should be aware of potential hazards before making your purchase.

Therabody, the makers of The Ragun, recommend using it for anyone wanting to reduce muscle knots or enhance recovery after exercising. They suggest using it several times daily with 15 seconds of percussion per muscle group for maximum benefit.

For optimal results, avoid using Theragun on an injured muscle. A high-speed percussion massage can further damage the area. Instead, utilize PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation) before beginning to strike with that super cool Theragun.

Studies have suggested that percussion therapy can increase range of motion and prevent muscle soreness, although larger studies are still needed to confirm these claims. At present, Theragun is one of the most intriguing and functional products on the market since years. What's even cooler is that it can be used by both men and women of all ages and fitness levels!

Is Theragun Mini Worth It?

If you're in search of a portable, high-quality massage gun that won't break the bank, Theragun Mini is an excellent option. Though slightly smaller than other high-end models from Therabody, it offers the same output of percussions per minute (PPMs) and works just as effectively on muscle tissue.

This massage gun is the best-selling model on Amazon, making it a great option if you're searching for an affordable and user-friendly device. With 20 speed levels and 10 attachments, this massager helps you find exactly the right amount of pressure for your muscles.

With a simple click, you can add extra attachments and a carrying case. Unfortunately, lack of Bluetooth connectivity may present an obstacle for those wanting to follow along with guided massage routines in Therabody app.

Therabody's app, available free of charge, works with the Mini to suggest customized massage routines based on your activity and any niggling injuries. It also keeps track of your progress and provides illustrations for where to apply the gun.

How Long Do Theragun Minis Last?

Personal trainers, chiropractors and other healthcare practitioners often rely on percussion massage guns as a treatment method. These devices help enhance blood flow, relieve pain and muscle soreness while preventing injuries.

These devices can be an excellent addition to massage therapy and physical therapy. They may be utilized as a pre-treatment, warming up muscles before an appointment, or for improving recovery after an injury.

If you're considering the Theragun Mini, be aware that it is less powerful than Therabody's other models (Theragun Elite, Prime and PRO). You won't get nearly the same level of performance here and the device lacks Bluetooth connectivity like its more expensive siblings do.

The Mini has three built-in speed settings that indicate how many percussions per minute the head oscillates at. The lowest setting is 1750 ppm, while the highest is 2400 ppm.

The Mini's battery life is somewhat limited, but still provides two and a half hours of usage. Charging via USB takes an hour and twenty minutes from a low battery to full; however, the Mini does have wireless charging capabilities as well.

Is a Theragun Mini a Good Gift?

When purchasing a gift for someone special, you must take several factors into account. First and foremost, assess their needs and budget; additionally, think about the size and portability of the device.

A Theragun Mini makes an ideal present for anyone seeking to reduce muscle tension or pain. It is a portable and powerful tool that can help them feel more relaxed after a long day at work or school.

Its compact design and three speed settings make it user-friendly, plus the universal attachment can be used on most parts of the body for versatile application.

The Mini also boasts QuietForce Technology, making it incredibly quiet when in use. Plus, its built-in battery lasts 150 minutes of runtime – perfect if you need something portable to use while out and about.

The Mini has three scientifically calibrated percussion speeds, giving you the option to pick which speed works best for you. Furthermore, it's an ideal choice for those new to percussive therapy as it is user-friendly and straightforward to learn and utilize.

Can You Reach Your Back with the Theragun Mini?

When I'm feeling fatigued after a long day of errands, running, or taking an extended flight, I like to lay on my back and use the massage gun to stretch and point up and down my legs. This helps alleviate tightness in the ankles and feet by improving circulation there.

The Theragun Mini is a smaller model than its Pro and Elite counterparts, yet still powerful enough to reach into and around tendons on arms, elbows, and shoulders. Plus it's less bulky and more portable – ideal for gym bags or small purses.

It offers three settings in percussions per minute (PPM) — 1750, 2100 and 2400 ppm — which have been scientifically calibrated for optimal results. You can adjust each setting with the plus and minus arrows beneath the OLED screen. Furthermore, Therabody app syncs with this device so programming therapy and custom attachments is easier than ever.


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